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22 January 2015

Fencing (Part 1 - WiP and fallen foe)

Previously shown 4Ground 15mm fences are slowly getting a light brown coat on the actual fence posts and some static grass where applicable.
Whilst at it, I had the wonderful idea of adding a little character to a stand or two and started by adding a fallen Panzergrenadier, recently mowed down by smallarms fire as he attempted to run and hop the fence. Still a small smear of blood to add as though he had one last attempt to pull himself over, even though he was already riddled with lead, but otherwise I call this done.

The corpse is made from a Peter Pig Surrendering German. I had to re-position his arms a little and cut off his base, but otherwise he's stock. I realised this morning that I need to repaint his boots brown though. Shame on me for not researching prior to paint! 

A solitary hand outstretched..... last vain attempt to get away from the damned Tommies.

I have another idea for one of the other fence pieces, far less morbid, but that will happen later.


  1. Poor fritz. I hope the other fence has flowers on the base.

    1. Flowers.... That would mean actually owning some flowers basing supplies I guess?

  2. Ghastly! I love it. Struggling to come up with a fence-related pun to end this comment.