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12 January 2015

Swift Review of my 2014

I've read (And enjoyed) quite a few posts on you lot reviewing your 2014 hobby year and thought I'd do a quick one myself so I could take stock of where I'm at right now:

I painted about 2/3's of what I painted last year and attended 1 more tournament.

I looked back at my first post of 2013 and didn't see any real Hobby "resolutions", so I'll just say I did them all. Sorted.

There. That was swift, wasn't it? :)

What have I been doing now? Well, I finally sat and finished up weathering the British desert platoons I'd previously show-cased with their nifty decals slapped on. I'm REALLY happy with how these turned out and feel they are my best work yet at this scale. I'd really appreciate any and all criticisms on how they look too. (Pics are not the best as my phone camera just wouldn't play ball when these were taken...)

The platoon on Reconnaissance in North Africa. 

Platoon Commander, Lieutenant Reginald Temple-Barnes went on after the war to become a successful agent in Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Some closeups of the painted "76" unit marking and weathering.

On this side, the squadron marking looks boss.

Whereas, on this side it looks as though it was painted on by the natives...

Marmon Herrington #1. I wanted my Armoured Cars heavily weathered to look like they'd been out int he field for extended periods of time.

Freehand Squadron and unit markings no so bad on this one.

Marmon Herrington #2. A stowage box on it's right fender to differentiate.

I also added antennas to all three Armoured Cars.

The Squadron looking on the Atlas Mountains in Tunisia after chasing Rommel out of  Libya. 
I added weathering to the Crusaders and Universal Carriers as well, but forgot to take pics and not anywhere close to as extensively scraped up as the above. I'll add pics in on my next post.

I also did some work on the Batloid mode for my Robotech character's Veritech. Arms to come!

And then put together, added gravel and primed in brown these lovely 4Ground 15mm fences that will be smashing additions to both my WW2 and future ACW tables.

Here they are with glue drying, prior to gravel and primer. Good value for money too.
I'm not going to make any real resolutions for 2015. Play more, paint as much as I can and maybe attend one more tournament than last year. O and buy some Comet tanks when Battlefront releases them in the next couple of months!


  1. Oooh, 4Ground. If ever I win the lottery...

    I think that weathering really does look (to steal your eloquence) absolutely boss. Bloody well done, mate.

    I'm looking forward muchly to the Comets myself...and with luck 2015 will be the year of the Draxian Desert Rats. I hope they can look even half this good, and I'll definitely asking you for painting tips, because my ancient selection of paints is pretty darn limited to temperate climes!

    Nice one.

    1. Draxian Rats sounds like my kind of Syrian misfits. Can't wait!

      Thanks so much for your kind words.

  2. They look very nice. Good luck on the 2015 goals. I've enjoyed watching your progress on your 2014 projects.

    1. Cheers Cameron! Always appreciate your comments.

  3. Replies
    1. Should be finished with this one soon!

  4. Those all look really good. Nice work. I also like the photos with the picturesque backgrounds. :)

    1. Thanks Spiro. I like to think they add a little more flavour to the occasion. :)

  5. Brilliant work man! The vehicles look like they've seen combat, sand storms, and lots of hard travel!

    1. That's what I was going for, glad it came across correctly.

      Thanks mate.