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16 January 2015

British Pioneer Platoon Transports (Part 2 - Jeep+Trailer)

Another update already?!

Tis true. Trying to get stuff off my desk and make sure I have everything ready for next weekend’s tournament.

Not my best work, but these Jeep+trailer stands round out my Pioneer Platoon. Drivers are absent as these are actually American models and so came with the obvious American drivers which I can’t use. Obviously.

I've since given these a spray with the dullcoat.

you can hardly see it in this pic - but hidden by the windscreen is a propped up tommy gun. The thing was already broken in the blister pack when it arrived, so I clipped a piece of paperclip and hey-presto (!) only the super vigilant will realise I made a ham-fisted attmept at repairing the gun! :P

Really nice sculpts with loads of character. Will be scrounging about on the NorcalFlamesofWar forum to see if anyone has any spare generic Brit drivers methinks.

Last two pieces required for this tournament are these two stands – a Piat team and a Light Mortar team for my 3rd platoon of infantry. Decided I can’t be arsed to paint up a whole platoon in one go so will be using my trusty Commandos as they are pretty much the same minis, minus these two stands to round out the platoon to the required 9 stands.

Used some of the Battlefront "Rural" theme'd bases for these and will do the remainder of the platoon with the same. They're okay - very much made for the new plastic infantry, the irregular sized pegs on the metal infantry need a lot of trimming, etc to fit in the base holes.

Next up on the desk? No idea – but I’ve a hankering to paint something overwhelmingly different and nasty of a sudden…


  1. Looking good Dai. Glad to see you didn't go to the level of insanity I did with the WD numbers on the bloody trailers...

    1. O Lords no. That would indeed be too much insanity for this hobbyist.

  2. These look smashing, mate: pioneers are a type of unit whose usefulness I've not yet worked out. I don't mean that in a critical way: I've just never yet seen them fielded.

    If you can bear the wait on postage, I can through one of these your way:

    (what they look like painted:)

    1. If you have a pair of drivers spare mate, I would dearly love to take you up on your offer! No rush as these jeeps will do as is for the now.

      Pioneers... In regular rilfe coys they are limited due to the platoons being so small. Our Paras can field large 9 stand Engineers, but I guess they also don't get the Breaching Groups so there's your trade off. I use them to fill in points and get my platoon count to an even number. Then they can be a late reinforcement option that can zip onto the board in their transports and perhaps threaten an objective out of the blue. Couple that with their natural minefield/barbed-wire clearing abilities and they aren't use-less.

      But 4 stands.... that is really an easy kill point for your opponent. :)

  3. I suspect that a head swap and suitable paint job would have let you get away with the drivers...

    Love those jeeps.

    1. Thanks mate.

      Not sure the headswap will work. :/ I'll still see the inaccurate uniforms...

  4. Must feel good to be paint ready for your game a whole week in advance. Also the ability to change up paint projects is always a great relief after racing to finish something.

    Hopefully you will get some good pics of next weeks game to share...

    1. I'll try to get some good pics this time round.

      There should be some really good looking forces attending.

  5. I just want to know the secret of painting vehicles! I'm bloody terrible at it!

    Excellent work as usual sir!

    1. My secret - keep it simple. These are just primer, base coat, black wash then base colour of the top. Maybe a highlight to bring out edges in a lighter green, but not too much.

      Thanks for the kind words!