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07 December 2014

British 8th Army HQ and others (WIP - part 1)

In my list for my Flames of War Mid War British Motor Company, my HQ is comprised of the following:

1. 2x Rifle Command teams (With Sticky Bombs for extra suicide Anti-Tank fun) representing the iC and 2iC
2. a White's Scout Car transport for the 1iC
3. a jeep transport for the 2iC
4. 2x 3" Mortar teams that were add-ons for the HQ
5. and 2 15cwt Morris Truck transports for the Mortar teams.

Over the past few nights, I have been diligently working on the basic paint and shade jobs for these and come up with the following. I think they should do okay for now; as with my Late War Canadians, I will go back later on and highlight their uniforms and skin colours, but right now, they are good for gaming.

Mark iii Churchills in the background taunting me. The transport vehicles are off camera, not worth showing as yet.

I also got around to finally getting some markings done for my finished 8th Army platoons. Not sure how accurate they are for the period I am aiming for, but I got so annoyed that I think I'll just stick with what you see below. At least they look pretty. (Still yet to add some wear and tear to them.)

I don't have the correct Numbered decal for this platoon, so will free-hand it on the opposite side of the hull....

.... and also next to the Desert Rats symbols on the rear.

I reckon the Crusaders look super sexi with their new markings.

Red Triangles for Squadron markings  are a great touch.

Some Crusader rumps for your delectation.

Lastly, I've been working on a little side project for my rpg group's current game - some Robotech mechas! (The GM got a load of them from the Robotech minis game Kickstarter) Each of us four players went and created our own paint scheme for our individual Veritechs and I offered to help out the GM in assembling and painting some up as he's still learning this hobby stuff, bless him. So far I've put together two Zentradi bad-guy bots that look cool but I have no idea what they do, except for one being a leader. I also started on one of the two Veritech Batloids, but will have to get painting first before full assembly as they are fiddly buggers.

A Zentradi Glaug Officer's Pod (Left) and Quel-Gulnau.... thing (Right). My Robotech knowledge isn't that great as I didn't get to watch it that much as a child. Luckily my gaming pals are all big fans of the anime.

Should have some pictures of finished pieces up later this week.


  1. Blimey, Dai, that armour isn't half sexy, especially the Crusdaders. The decals really bring it all to life. Well done. I also like the dog on the command stand, and had to laugh at your comment on sticky bombs. Too funny.
    I do a lot of WW2 but I don't do the Desert War period - seeing pics like these make me want to rethink that policy.

    1. Thanks Mike! The dog was chosen as my collection of Officer figs is rather limited, so thought the pooch would help differentiate the leaders all the better.

      I think you might want to look into some North Africa - lots of cool looking and interesting units to get your hobby teeth into. Saying that, finish off yer other projects first as you seem to have enough to get on with already!

    2. Desert Dog!

      I echo Michael's first paragraph completely: just brilliant!

      I promise: as soon as PSC start giving generic 15mm British vehicles some more love, it's absolutely going to happen!

    3. O I would dearly love to see some PSC Honeys. Then I could make my Early War Brit company! ^_^

      Thanks as ever mate!

  2. I was quite tempted by the Robotech kickstarter. Looking forward to see what you turn out.

    1. So far it's been a fiddly bastard business. Whoever designed the sprue-placement on these needs a good kick in the jewels....

  3. Love the Crusaders. My favourite tank when I was 9.