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12 May 2014

Where were your evolved sensibilities then? (Part 2 - The Tears, The Crone Oracle and Lampads WIP)

The first seven of the Tears are completed, as is the Crone Oracle(Center of the picture).

Forgive the roughness of this pic. Lighting was horrid when I took it.

The Lampads need some fire effects on the ones holding torches and a little work done on their little necks, otherwise they too are done.

Damned cute if you ask me.

I plan to add them to Hecate's base once I've decided on how I want it to look.

My "Hecate". I will describe at a later date why she looks so repulsive.


  1. Looking good! What are these going to be used for? I feel like I missed a post at some point!

    1. These are being put together for a home-made setting thing project that I suddenly had the urge to work on.
      A little fluff post with some info about it all will be incoming. Am still writing it up and trying hard to not make it sound like utter shite. Which thus far has been bloody hard.