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04 May 2014

Liebster Award

The very kind and estimable Kieran at the very well written, witty and thoroughly entertaining blog, Do You Have a Flag? has kindly taken it upon himself to nominate me for a Liebster Award and deserves all the thanks this humble blogger and hobbyist can muster on a hot and all too dry Sunday afternoon.

*I'm now going to be rather lazy and copy and paste all the Blurb regarding what a Liebster is and what the whole phenomenon entails once one receives one. (Some would call this plagiarism, I call it practicality, so forgiveness ahead of time is proffered. .) *

Essentially this is all an effort to help get more traffic on other people's blogs, but in a "benefits the blogging community as a whole" type way, not as a cheese dripping self aggrandizement sordid affair. 

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog linking it to the blogger who has given it you.

2. Pass the award to your top 11 blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of there posts to notify them that they have won the award and listing them on your own blog.

3. Sit back and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you have made someone's day!

4. There is no obligation to pass this onto someone else but its nice if you take the time to do so.

Right then.....

10 Truths About Me 

1. I once won a burping competition when I was 18 and still living in Wales with a trophy and everything. I do not own the trophy any longer. 
2. I've acted in a really low budget but rather fun film and a punk music video for local long standing band, The Secretions. (I'm the crap acting baldy in one and wearing a black fedora in t'other.)Funnily enough, my acting career went nowhere after these.
3. I have no educational background, barely passing my GCSE's (and re-sits) and flunking out of Art School twice. 
4. I am a Governing Board Member for my work Union.
5. I am also an ordained minister, even though I'm an atheist. The irony and ridiculousness that it was so easy to fill out the online application to become a minister by law couldn't be ignored (My Great Grandfather, Grandfather and God Father were all ministers and did it the [hard] proper way, through college.). 
6. The most famous person I've ever met was Duncan Goodhew when I was about 8.
7. I can't go near expired vermin, nearly puking on numerous occasions when these small corpses have been encountered.
8. I once head-butted a water melon in half during a visit to the beach and received a standing ovation.  
9. My Mother is an amazing opera singer - if I tried hard enough, I could be too.
10. Secretly, I dig chick flicks.

Right, on to the giving part of these shenanigans. I'd love to pass on this award to some of my very favourite blogs, but better bloggers before me have already nominated them (This hobbying community is pretty tight after all!) , so I'll take it upon myself to pass on some of my other favourites, who I feel a very deserving of a Leibster and the respect that comes with the award. 

In no particular order, 11 lovelies you need to check out:

Pake's Voodoo Studio - Pake is an online mate that I've known for some years now. He's a crazy Fin who has painted the pants off of his beloved Warmahordes collection, has damned fine taste in music and has also strummed fine a tune or two himself. 

Mad Tin Hatter  - Jamie has a collection of Flames of War Scots, based on the very regiment his Grandfather served in that would take the breath away of any lover of WW2 history. He adheres to historical accuracy and detail in a very fine fashion and has some lovely conversions accordingly.

Campaigns of General William Augustus Pettygree - Like well written late 1800's colonial fiction with photographed painted figs to illustrate the story? Seriously, this blog is amazing. 

Tales From Farpoint - Currently posting a series on an alternate and very well thought out WH40K setting, a little less Grim, but still lots of room for Dark.

Enter the Nurgling - Esty's love of all things Nurgle is a delight to follow. His work and style are breathtaking.

Hungry Ghosts Chaos Squats of Khorne - I love 40K Squats. This guy does too. More than me even. We miss Squats.

Flames of Nerd - I know Rich personally and the NorCal Flames of War scene lost out when he moved away to the desert or New Mexico or something. His amazing work has deservedly won awards, check it out. 

Gardens of Hecate - Ana's . work . is . amazing. That will be all.

Miasma of Pestilence - Tony and Tom have some really cool ideas and seeing as Tony loves Nurgle and does it well, he gets my vote.

Eldritch Epistles - You like Oldhammer? I like Oldhammer. 

Empire of Ghosts - This is one of the first blogs I started following. Ancientsociety was one of (If not THE) authors of the very fun Necromunda rules-mod, Inquisimunda. He is also an accomplished terrain maker and painter.

Kierans's 11 Questions (Which are also Drax's 11 Questions) which are also the same questions I pose to my nominees!

1. Why did you start blogging?
I love seeing other people's work online. It's all art and I'm a sucker for wanting to see amazing work in this hobby. Consider the blogosphere a gallery, I'm not only here to view, but I guess get responses and advice in return from those who typically know far more about this stuff than I.

2. If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby, what would it be?
I'd include a rule in any LGS that says, only fully painted models allowed on our tables. Can't stand seeing bare plastic and metal across the table from me.

3. What is best in life? 

A happy family. 

4. Do you want to live forever?

No. It would get boring really quick.

5. Fame or fortune? 

Fame, I want to die knowing people will remember me for a long time.

6. What miniature are you most proud of having painted? 

I'm still working that one out. has been a while since I've felt super happy with any of my paint jobs of late. But if I had to choose, probably my Nurgle Dreadnought.

7. How do you deal with burn out?
Spend time with my family, play video games and wait for my mojo to return. It does, in it's own time.

8. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
For the same reason that weasels make good stoles.

9. Star Wars or Star Trek? 

I used to be a hard core Star Wars fan, knowing more facts on the films and Extended Universe than any I'd met, being a 501st Legion costumer (Scout Trooper.) and watching the original trilogy at least once every fortnight religiously. Then Lucas released the prequels..... I still like Star Wars, but Star Trek seems to feature on my television far more frequently these days.

10. If you could only buy from one miniature company from now on, which one would it be?

If their upcoming alien faction sculpts are anything as good as their current Eisenkern range, then I'll happily buy Dreamforge Games miniatures from here on out. Amazing sculpts and their range can only get bigger and better.  

11. What is your favourite take away?
Chicken Dhansak, spicy with Garlic Naan, Vegetable Pakoras with Tamarin sauce and Bombay Aloo. My mouth is watering as I type this.

Thanks again Kieran, you sir are a gent and a scholar.


  1. Ta very much, you're too kind sir. And it's very well deserved. Ah I wouldn't call it plagiarism, I nicked those from somewhere else as well...

    This is why these things are worthwhile (and not "a cheese dripping self aggrandizement sordid affair." Best line ever) as there's some fantastic blogs there that I've somehow managed to miss in the past.

    And some excellent answers there. A burping competition? Now I'm really impressed lol. I'm going to refer to you as a Punk Legend from now on....

    1. "Legend"? I don't know about that. Heh. Now a mostly respectable Dad, Punk Dai is sadly dormant.

  2. Nice one, and well deserved!

    With respect to ex-vermin, it's a good job you don't have our new cats. When I mowed the lawn t'other day I found two mice, a bird and a shrew. Poor shrew. And that's not even including the stuff the furry buggers bring in!

    Incidentally, do you find you can get good Indian akeaway in the States? I've always struggled...

    1. Took me 10 years to find a half decent curryhouse! Gawds what torture!!

      Thankyou good sir.

  3. A very, very highly-deserved award! This is one of my earliest blog-follows, and with good reason. Always look forward to reading it.

    1. Cheers Ed, those sentiments are right back at ya!