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04 May 2014

A Raffle worth mentioning!

Right now and until May 14th, there is a raffle on at my NUMBER ONE forum that I frequent far too often for a model so amazing, it's something that you can't miss out on.

Yes, a sales pitch, but only one that wouldn't be worth yelling about if I didn't think it was a worthy cause.

Okay, that's it. No more sales. No buyer beware either.

Mabrothrax, founder of the PAPANURGLE.COM forum is holding a raffle to fund this year's costs to keep the forum running. All you have to do is donate via the paypal address he's listed here to have a chance at winning one of these:

Custom (But regular sized) Plague Bearer here for scale purposes

Now when I say that this model is an AMAZING sculpt, take it from me, I couldn't have anything less to say. I own one. (Admittedly still unpainted due to the fact that I'm intimidated by it.... ~_~ )  No really I do. The sculptor (Jon Meechelsen) only made a limited run of them and they are by far the coolest and most disturbing Nurgle-esque sculpts out there. They make GamesWorkshop's own Great Unclean Ones look like they were sculpted by my dog.

If you're a fan of Nurgle things, if you appreciate amazing sculpts in this hobby of ours, if you just like the chance to win a centerpiece plague thingamajig for your Chaos army, just head on over to and donate a measly dollar (or more!).

My next post won't be half as full of rubbish sales technique.

[Please take my word that this is a legit raffle. I've been a member of this forum in respected and good standing for 5 years with multiple transactions between myself and other forum members and also readers of my blog. I like to support the places that support me.]

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