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13 July 2012

Happy Feet - Part 3 (Completed!)

It's done! A late night painting session through until 1am last night (Due to my OCD of not wanting to put a piece down until it is finished.), sees my Dread completed. I'm mostly happy with how she turned out, though agree with a comment regarding the three semi-globes on the chest perhaps needing a little extra highlighting and I'll also go back over a few areas with some gloss varnish to make them look slimy (She's had a matt coat already.). Have to say I'm pretty chuffed with how she came out though.

"The fearsome Nurgle Dreadnought, Grizelda is a nasty piece of work. A former Silent Sister caught and entombed in the sarcophagus on a whim by the Daemon Prince Witherlimb, her rages are terrible to behold. Stomping about the battlefield, she takes out her eternal frustrations on any enemy she is pointed at. "


  1. Very, very well done! All the subtle colors come together wonderfully. That is simply beautiful (and gross)!

  2. Thanks lots fellers! Took a lot out of me cos I was determined to finish the bugger, but now it's done, I feel kinda tingly! :)