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02 July 2012

Pile (of cr*p) Driver

Quick update to show the tank commander I painted up for my soontobepainted traitor guard Malcador Defender. I like him lots if truth be told, all modesty aside. :P

Story behind him and any other guard that end up in my everso small traitor guard is that they were from a former penitents regiment that somehow managed to defect and after battles, etc found that allying themselves to Chaos was the best way to secure their survival. (Little did they realise the bargain they had gotten into....) Chaos Undivided though and not Nurgle like my Plague Marines. Thought it'd make me have to think up of a more interesting story of why they would fight/work together in the 1st place. :)

(Again, he's a tank commander so has no legs.... Just in case you were wondering about why he's stuck to the top of a cork.)

And a brighter pic of the front view which shows more detail, but washes out the hard earned shades. 


  1. Really nice work as ever. I'm currently painting Chaos Renegades and I really like what you've done with the eerie green glow coming from the backpacks - how did you get that effect? I might go back through my Chaos and shamelessly rip off that idea...

  2. Very nice! Love the lenses and the general grimy look.

  3. @sonsoftaurus & Tony - thanks guys, this was actually lots of fun to paint and it only took me a couple hours. Not bad for my old slow backside.

    @ Col. Scipio - You're more than welcome to mate. Start off with a nice bright yellow, then heavy drybrush some lime green on top. Then give a good wash with green, inks work here fine, though may need watering down. Then the lime green again, another coat, this time lightening up to almost white with white touches at the very highest ridges/edges of the piece.

    Now I re-read all that, it isn't terribly all that tricky... Hrm... I need to find more clever ways to paint stuff.