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28 June 2012

Interlude 1

No pics today, just a quick update.

Draigo commission was completed last night and customer was well happy, which is good. Even told me I should sell my painting services but I do not thihnk I am even close to that level yet.

Also painted up the commander for my traitor Malcador Defender which I'm quite pleased with. He looks closely like the one on the left in this pic, but different. When I find time I'll post a picture.

Just got to work out how to spray on an even coat onto the tank itself without the use of an expensive airbrush?

Lastly, just to give the last 2 days a shout out in what meagre fashion I'm able:

Sedition Wars - Battle for Alabaster is a game being put out by Coolminiornot and created by the very talented Mike McVey and Rob Baxter. It's in it's last throws on Kickstarter and looks to have amounted an astonishing amount of monies thus far. Which is good for the backers.
The quility of the sculpts they are releasing with the game looks like will be better than any other boardgames I've invested in and the amount of stuff a backer at the Biohazard level will get is silly good too. Look to their website if you haven't already - for a lovely mound of background info to get a feel of what the setting's all about. Hope you'll like what you see and jump on board. (For me, the addition of Solo Rules sold me.)


  1. aye, Battle for Alabaster looks boss.

    So do we get to see the pics of this commission then?

  2. .... Sadly no. Was in such a rush yesterday morning to get it packed and in my bag for work that I forgot to take pics first..... *facepalm*