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19 June 2012

Trust the Mutant

"Beastman bad. Bad Beastman. Dirty. Emperor no like.
Beastman love Emperor. Give blood to Emperor, Give heads to Emperor. Say sorry."

This is the quote that got my attention in the original 40K Compilation army book.

Beastmen not being soley in the "badguy" forces was one of the coolest parts of Rogue Trader 40K. Beastmen being mutants, should be available to Imperium forces commanders, afterall, Psykers, Ogryn, Ratling and Squats are all tolerated by the Imperium to certain degrees and they are all mutants of varying degrees?

So with sadness it was, that after 2nd Edition, I came back to find that along with deleting my beloved Squats, that Games Workshop had also forced a rather sad and bland state upon the Imperial Guard as a whole.

But not in MY vision of 40K.

So here I present you with the Beastman Mutant Acolyte from the Radical Ordo Malleus team. He has a name, but I'm at work and for the life of me I can't remember it. (Think it was Marvin or Normon or some such.) I'll write a little background info on my next post cos he's a cool and rare character type (I think) for an Inquisitorial Cell to take so a proper job reason for this deserves a little more work.

Took two sessions to paint him, so he's pretty quick and dirty. I felt that a true mutant needed some not-human eyes, so I went for the red, though now I'm thinking I'll go back and add a little watered down orange and a black pupil or something? (And yes, I know the hazard stripes are pants, but after doing and re-doing them, I ended up saying "feck it" and decided he'd painted them himself to explain their rubbishness.)

*if he seems a little shiny, that's cos I've yet to give him a layer of Clear Coat.*


  1. Brilliant stuff!

    I've always loved the old Rogue Trader Beastmen!

    Check out Em4 miniatures as they have some suitable proxies:

    All the best!

  2. Ummm, the quote is "give heads" as in trophy dismembered heads to the Emperor, not "give beads".

    That has always been one of my favorite quotes too!

  3. @ Space Cow Smith - O wow mate, those are great and fit in quite well with the look of the old Beastmen sculpts. I might have to get some in the future (prolly a long way off though as there's so much to paint beforehand.) to maybe create a pure beastmen mutants squad. Hrm..... Either way, thanks lots for the kind words.

    @ Trent - Holy gawds of Kobol! My dyslexic fingers! Thanks for pointing that out. Not nearly as fearsome sounding with "beads" - more of a hippy treehugging centaur sounding thing to do.

  4. "...Say sorry." :'(

    Always killed me that quote. Superb. He looks good Dai, you need to get him some human bombs for him to lead around (well, until the inevitable).

  5. The rogue trader era beast men are some of my favourite ever models. They are on my ultimate wish list.

  6. @ Fulgrim - Human bombs would indeed be cool to have. Sadly not part of my collection and hard to find for cheap on Ebay.

    @Tony - You need to get on board with all this INQ28 business. ;)