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25 June 2012

A Pretty One

In service to the almighty Emperor of Mankind is reason for existence, regardless of the paths through life that we might find ourselves lead along. A Sage in the employ of Interrogator Pince, Lillit Rebko was not always engaged in such important employment. She had at one time been courtesan to no less than the Rogue Trader Glablenka herself. Her position was lost due to infighting between herself and the Trader's son, who framed Lillit for theft consequently losing not only her prized position of comfort, but her left hand as well (A common punishment thieves receive in the Romonovski Sector.). Little did Glablenka or her son realise, that Lillit Rebko had acrued quite an impressive amount of evidence of the Trader family's crooked dealings and tax evasions during her time with them and so the last laugh was on them and the Trading family were arrested by local Arbites personel. The ability to gather such a hoard of personal data did not go to waste and the former courtesan was quickly snapped up to serve Interrogator Pince as his personal Sage.

The model is a Reaper sorceress fig with a bionic hand and holstered hand cannon. I tried to make her pretty, but I'm not sure it worked well enough. She has purple eye shadow, green irises and wierd coloured hair. My wife says the colour of her garb doesn't "pop", I'll let you decide if you agree.


  1. I like it - you never seem to see any women in 40K (certainly not in model form) except SoBs, so it's nice to see something unarmoured and more natural. The colours are nicely blended as well. I know I would;t be able to do anything as subtle as eye shadow without it looking like her eyes were leaking pustulant ocular fluid. Great stuff!

  2. Good conversion mate !!! I personally like the colour choice of her gaunt,haha but gals will always trash talk other gals dresses apparently even if they are 28mm and made of metal =D I like "Pretty ones" in my inquisitors retinues and as assasins or stuff like that, so i have converted some Anima girly girl figures and work like a charm !!!

  3. Thanks both! restored my faith in this piece. (Need to stop asking my wife's opinion on my paintjobs...)

    @ Col. Scipio - Agree completely on the lack of females. Not every lass needs to be touting a curvy curaisse and screaming "Burn the Heretic". I've another female Reaper mini coming up to paint that I hope you'll like also.

    @ coldwarjd - Thanks for stopping in, hopefully you'll stick around a while, you write entertaining comments. I've been VERY tempted to purchase a Sodapop Miniatures fig to do just the same for a future Ordo Xenos team I've been thinking up. ;)