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30 November 2013

The [kind-of] Big Guns

Been fighting a little painting-burnout of late, but trying to get through some of my backlog regardless. Easiest option for this were my 25-pounder Artillery who's most difficult aspects to paint are their resin bases! (Which by-the-by actually look pretty cool.)

So far I've gotten the Guns and crew, Observer and a Command team done. Only for 4 of the guns though, I'm not about to torture myself trying to paint up 8 at a time. Just have the Observer's Universal Carrier transport and the 2nd Command team to paint and it'll be done. (Won't bother to do a post once I've done them though as it's just more of the same really.)

For those interested, 25-pounder artillery are sorrowfully stat'd in Flames of War when compared to their historical precedence. These guns were used well beyond WW2 by Commonwealth forces due to just how good they were, yet the powers that be at Battlefront (Creators of the game.) made them sub-par compared to just about any other same-sized artillery piece..... These things leveled Caen for cripes sake!

In game I use these guns to drop smoke bombardments and pin pesky dug in infantry (Or enemy artillery to stop them shooting back) platoons prior to an assault. Their bombardments have a 5+ firepower (Should be an obvious 4+....) which really lets them down though as mine rarely kill anything.

On to the pics.

Next up on the painting table are another Armoured Car platoon from the Manitoba Dragoons - a Daimler Dingo and 2 lovely Staghound I's.  I couldn't help myself - I love Armoured Cars... Aside from some Pioneers and some 5.5" Medium Artillery, I believe I am done purchasing for my WW2 Commonwealth. (Though far from painting - I still have 2x 17pdr guns, 4x Mid War 6pdr Portee trucks, 2x Mid War Motor Infantry platoons, my Guards Armoured Recce company and a bunch of other stuff....)


  1. More good stuff, great pics and I always get annoyed when weapons' effectiveness is 'tweaked' for the sake of balance.

  2. Looking great Dai - I didn't think the resin bases would work so I bought my packs separately. But those look really cool. Love how all the guns are at the same angle - something I took care to do with mine as well. I also keep putting off buying the other 4 guns or the 5.5's due to how weedy the Brit arty seems to be.

  3. They look good. I really like the basing, especially the observers in the bushes. Those 25 pounders are pretty big guns.

  4. Nice. Stonk those Jerries !

  5. Those look great, man! Love the little mini-diorama effect with the hedges and sandbags - good stuff!

  6. The bases look fantastic Dai, and nice shading effects on the sandbags. Quality mate!

  7. Thanks for the kind words all!

    @ Scipio - yeah, really doesn't make sense. The Brit artillery was a standout aspect of the Commonwealth forces, why nerf them and reduce their threat?

    @ MTH - I got the other 4 both because they were a great deal, but also because in Mid War, they are a real threat versus Soviet tank hordes and so forth. Plus, a double-wide template is nothing to sneeze at! :)

    @ Cameron - Cheers mate, the bushes idea was last minute, there's so many observer teams and so few sculpts to work with, it's the basing differences that one's left with to make them stand out more.

    @ Zzzzzz - You can be assured I aim to maintain my sterling record versus those filthy hun.

    @ Mord7th - The bases certainly grew on me after I started painting the details. All the boxes and barrels and so forth really add to the feel of them.

    @ DB74 - Cheers Frank, funnily enough they were the easiest part of the base to paint!

  8. Absolutely beautiful, Dai!

    Well done indeed...and I'm glad I'm not the only one who found them something of a pig to paint.

    I also fail to understand why the beautiful - beautiful, mark you - 25pdrs are so pants in FoW...for all the reasons you note.

    I find the Manitoba Dragoons tempting too - my family used to be out in Manitoba...

  9. @ Admiral Drax - Thanks mate. I am determined though to try to use these guns as often as possible, especially in Mid War tourneys - 8 of these things camping an objective will make even a Tiger or Panther think twice before they assault.