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01 November 2013

Super Roman Conquest

This is just a plug to give support for a mate's Kickstarter project that is currently going on.

[I'd normally stick a picture here, but don't want to get slapped incase I shouldn't have.]

I know Tim through his brother and he's a terribly talented chap who worked his arse off for Lucasarts and got shafted for his efforts. (I don't know the other blokes of the team, but have been told they're also rather good at all this gaming stuff too.)

I'd love to see this Kickstarter get funded and hope it'll end up being the first of many great titles from this burgeoning computer games company. So far what they have is still in the very early stages of development - the graphics are going to be upgraded once they get more funding (Hence the KS) and other stuff too.

Plus it looks like a lot of fun. If you like your Romans pixelated in an 8-bit style and killing barbarians throughout Europe, this might be the Kickstarter for you - plus, a mere $10 gets you a buy-in for the full game, not bad eh?

Here's the link:

... and I hope it's something you'll want to help support and make happen.

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