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12 November 2013

Dead 'ard

This is Sergeant Major Stan Hollis. He was involved in the D-Day landings and was awarded the Victoria Cross for umpteen instances of insane bravery and bad-arsery including storming and taking out two German pill boxes in succession, single-handedly. He accomplished lots more feats of scary killingness all through to the end of the war and is deservedly a character you can take in your British Commonwealth D-Day lists. 

Because of the tale of his solo bunker busting, I felt he deserved to be modeled by himself on the stand. Then I had a sudden thought that he'd at least need "Someone" to rush in with him, so I shoved on "man's best friend" in the form of this terrier (Painted up to look like my own pup', Pickles.). If anything, it just makes him stand out all the more I think, which is fine as a special character. 

Photobucket's editing thingie is rubbish. These were all cropped and saved damnit.
Forgive the Dai-fingers in these pics.
Not a pretty job, I'll probably go back and define his details better at a later date. Have to say though that the facial sculpting was shite on this mini.
Tree was given some black treatment to it's extremities to offer a burnt look.
Yes, that is a punching bag in the background. 8-year-old boys need something to help them get their excess energy out of them. He mainly headbutts it though...
Pickles is the on on the right. :)


  1. Great figure - I always like modelling these special characters, I did one for another VC winner a while back. Especially like the burnt tree.

    I know exactly what you mean with the faces, I got some Renegade Miniatures recently and some are just unsalvagable. Although you've done a good job there and 20mm is less forgiving than 28...

  2. Ah bless, all three of them look like you......

    Just on the insane bravery front, is there a FOW Korean War supplement ?

  3. @ Scipio - that's right, the Officer with the Piat, right? I may go back to highlight a bit more to give better depth to the face, etc. Or not.

    @ Zzzzzz - Thank you, I'm very proud. Of all three. LOL!
    No, no Korean War as yet. Current theater of play options are WWII (Mostly European and Eastern Front, though Earliest War Soviet vs Japan was recently released.), Vietnam and the latest offering of Israel vs Jordan and Egypt.

  4. Absolutely love him!

    And the dog!

    What a great last pic, too, eh?

  5. Thanks Drax. Dog was inspired by your own Cadfael. :)

  6. Fanatastic sir, very characterful indeed and love the basing.