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06 November 2013

A Rack of PIATs (Part 1 - WIP)

The PIAT Battery Universal Carrier is another crazy Canadian creation that I just had to have for my 4th Canadians.

There's not much on these WW2 vehicles out there on the interwebs.

Rules-wise they're pretty terrible to be honest, but they look so cool I couldn't help myself when a local FoW gamer said he had some spare conversion kits to make the builds (That are no longer sold by Battlefront - of course.) and I snapped one up.

So far basic painting's done, I just need to finish the basing, add a little mud and slap on some decals and I'm calling them done. No point putting extra work into a unit that will rarely (If ever) see the games table.

When they're finished, I'll take some better lit pics.

A wee front-rear view so you can see them a little better.
Hope to have the completed pics up tonight or tomorrow assuming things go to plan.


  1. More history, please Dai. I'd n'er seen these ever ever ever before. So I'm guessing they didn't last long.

    I'm perched on my sandbag, tell me a war story...

  2. Those are so cool. I didn't know battlefront ever made a kit for them. I hope you get the chance to use them in some games. Do them bombard with the PIATs or are they anti-tank? How do they work in real life and in game?

  3. You're rigt: the rules really are terrible...but they look smashing and by jiminy I love thar you've made them!

  4. @Zzzzzz - A quick Google-fu search got me this - "quoted from "Making Tracks - British Carrier Story 1914 to 1972"

    @Cameron - Battlefront made a "conversion kit" just for the launchers themselves that you can glue onto the back of regular Universal Carrier models. You can still find them at online sites like Noble Knight or FRP games. Ingame they fire off a short range bombardment that's only good for pinning (6+ FP), "no smoke trails" like a regular rocket bombardment and they have a stormtrooper type rules mechanism they can roll for right after firing to hopefully get the heck out of line of site after firing. :)

    @Admiral Drax - Thank you sir. They are quite nifty looking and totally appropriate looks-wise in a Canadian list.

  5. Grrr....
    Let's try that again shall we Zzzzzz.....?

    quoted from "Making Tracks - British Carrier Story 1914 to 1972"
    *Improvised by the Canadians in 1944, this consisted of 14 PIAT projectors mounted on a frame at the rear of the carrier in two series of seven. Each row could be fired simultaneously by means of a mechanical contrivance of steel rods attached to the firing triggers. A few vehicles so fitted were used in Europe in 1944-45*

  6. Reminds me of the rather comic panzerfaust trucks based on a similar principle. A nice kit for a little side project, good work sir.

  7. @Scipio - I looked those trucks up and you're not wrong. :)

    Thanks mate.

  8. But that's just mad ! A weapon so awful that we would throw it away only we've so much ammunition that we're going to turn it into an anti-armour barrage weapon ?

    That is really very 40K.

  9. @Zzzzzz - or 40K is really not all that far fetched when compared to real life? ;)

  10. Looking good Dai, an interesting addition!