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07 November 2013

A Rack of PIATs (Part 2 - Finished)

The PIAT Battery Carriers are based and decal-ed and finished. Didn't have a "41" unit marking decal, so went and did a horrid freehand job instead. I think I need a brighter blue in future though.

My regular opponent Densmol is currently laid up after some serious knee surgery, so I won't be able to try these out any time soon, but I've already got a lit made up and ready to showcase them once he's back in gaming level fitness!

Hooray for kitchen cooker overhead lighting!

Chap in the middle's PIAT rack was left over night for the glue/greenstuff to set, sadly his one ended up drooping to the side somehow - so now he's the Platoon leader, easier to pick out on the table! (Stuck the NCO in the back too, jus' chillin' in his "ride".)

When I get time or inclination, I think I'll see about adding some strong-bow-type stowage inside the carriers to account for the masses of PIAT ammo they'd have carried.

Supposedly these things were rather effective in the field. Makes one wonder why they weren't more prevalent?

I also managed to put together my Stan Hollis Warrior stand. He's supposed to be one bad mo-fo of a Sgt. Major or something, so I stuck him solo on a small base to show for this, but added a wee terrier-looking pup (Courtesy of Peter Pig.) to run with him as I don't like my troops being so lonely (And if you're going to run at Hun MG nests, man's best friend should be there with you to gnaw on their Bratwursts!)
Think he'll be in my next post.

Next up on the painting table is the conspicuously absent command team for my Land Mattress platoon that I'd somehow forgotten to take care of when I was painting up the rest of the stands, then on to those "terrifying" 25-pounder artillery that I've been avoiding for whatever reason. And of course a smattering of commission work.... I think I'm giving up commissions forever after this - so not fun... ~_~


  1. They look good. The basing, decals, and crew really bring them together.

  2. Brilliant job, look really great. Good talking point for an army as well!

  3. Bah!


    Beautiful guns; horrible models.


  4. @ Cameron - Cheers mate, means a lot coming from a pro painter like yerself.

    @ MTH - Thanks again sir, you're not wrong there, already have planty of folks asking "What the hell are those!?" :)

    @ Drax - I'll let you know once I start applying paint. They're built and primed so far....

  5. Bloody brilliant, love em. Looking forward to seeing the 25pdr