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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

02 April 2012


Brother Thelonius was a preacher of the Imperial Way, spreading the good word amongst the scattered slums of Hive Grunthius on the planet Budorfin XII. The multitude welcomed him, trusted him and he never found himself wanting for a roof over his head or bite to eat as he made his journeys. Some how though, like many who traverse the toxic wastes, Thelonius succumbed to a fearful disease one trip between settlements. With legions sprouting over his body and black liquids seeping from his orifices the sickness swiftly spread from without to within and his brain itself turned to rot. With a final wish to die and pass to the Emperor's bosom, the preacher waited for inevitable death.... only to be denied. The pox stricken upon him had been a gift of a lesser daemon of Nurgle and with it, a greater personality of that most gross Father settled into his mind. It was with great sense of release that the daemon G'Mukum took the human's body and delivered him over to the Nurgle Coven to act as vanguard in their magos' machinations against the Imperium!
(This fig pretty much painted itself once I settled on a paint scheme. Really like his face and belly. Apologies for the shite connection between wing and back, the soft plastic of the wings proved harder than one first imagined to pin and manipulate.)

And a shot of the lovely extra belly mouth. Quite the change from your usual Imperial chained up host, eh?