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20 April 2012

And Now for Something Completely Different

A man with a tape recorder up his nostril.

Or some such. Love me some 'Python.

Quick update on some things I've been working on.

First up - Malcador Defender. This monstrosity is heavy resin, but awesome. Ever since I saw Forge World release the Malcador and it's variants I knew I had to have one. So very Great War inspired with an added touch of Grim Dark, this tank is a great example of all that is miserable with the 40K battlefield. Although the pic shows otherwise, it's now primed black and ready for paint. I'm just stuck on a few things. Should I paint it loyalist to match my small Rogue Trader House Guard (In which case skull-trophy racks will be removed) or traitor so that it can lumber along with my grey/brown Nurgle marines? I don't play 40K, merely paint, collect and display so it's more of what would look cooler in my display cabinet really.

Also, a small WIP of the flamer toting Preacher from the Puritan team in my =I=munda game. Don’t know why I got enthused to paint him next (Especially as there’s only one Chaos mutant left to complete that team), but I guess after finishing the three troopers from the Puritan team (Post with pics coming tomorrow.), I felt all holy and Emperor loving or some such. Lots still to do, but fun thus far to paint as I watched Breaking Bad last night.

That's it for now. Until tomorrow.

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