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07 April 2012

Test Run

No pics. No pics.

Instead, some small paragraphs to detail that last night was the first properjob testrun of the game. Had four of my Friday Night Gamers group come over so they could get to try out the rules set and get an idea of what their teams can do. It also allowed me to get a better grip on the rules as far as GM'ing the show went.

Needless to say it went really well. Slow, of course (2am finish....) and we really didn't finish the game, but it seemed everyone had fun and I did too. I had forgotten just how deadly the Necromunda rules were! (Prime example being an Ogryn being taken out of the game by one burst from a Heavy Bolter or some such, or a plasma pistol one-shotting a Cultist.) All this effort painting mini's and the cahracters are liable to be defunct after their first proper game!

There were a few things I think I'll change as far as the rules. I don't like the phases, or at least being so strict with them. A fighter should be able to walk a little take a shot and use of the rest of his move, or shoot then move. It'll add more tactical options for the players. I also think Close combat needs tweaking somehow... The Nurgle Magos was stuck in combat with an Interrogator for 3 rounds. 3... long... rounds.

I also now need to get on with making scenerey - namely multi-level scenery. Whilst the few sniping spots I had were muchly abused, there seriously needed to be more to offer more options for the teams than pretty much two levels to play on - on the little scenery I have or off it on the table top.

Anyway, hopefully this weekend will see me completeing the Nurgle Big Mutie and then it's on to the Inquisition forces. Very exciting stuff!

All in all, I'm glad I started this project. So far, it's proven rewarding and confidence boosting where my painting and modelling abilitied are concerned. I also like to see my display cabinet getting it's shelves filled up, meaning I'm getting a LOT more done these days. Now if only I didn't have to also try to fit in my Plague Marines, my Raven Guard and my mate's Malifaux projects into the limited time I have to paint! (Not to mention the NEW commission job I recently took on.... my 1st Grey Knight in 15 years.)

*O and lastly, I had a forum-mate ninja me that amazing new Forge World Enforcer and Cyber Mastiff from their recent 1st April open day thing. I can't wait to get that and somehow fit it into this game. *

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