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16 April 2012


Again a post without pics. What a sod I am.

There has been progress on the painting front, with the 3 great-coated Wargames Factory troopers from the Puritan Inquisition team. Am using a scheme that I made up on the fly and think it looks both interesting and different from the typical black or grey that I've seen. They are currently about 75% done and it's the first time that I've tried batch painting and not despised the process almost immediately!

The final member of the Nurgle Coven is not going so well.... Kind of come to a painter's block type thing with him and not sure where to go or if I even like what I've done already. I will come back to him, though I think setting him aside and working on other things in the meantime will help get me enthused again.

Aside from the above, I've recently been playing Dust: Tactics with a friend who's decided to buy up swathes of the figs and walkers. For those not in the know, it's a game put out by Fantasy Flight Games who’ve also published the latest batch of Games Workshop boardgame titles (Horus Heresy and Talisman, et al.) and role play games (Rogue trader, Deathwatch, etc.). The setting is 1950-ish and the second World War never ended due to new tech coming into play that allowed the sides in the conflict to put into the field war walkers, gorilla and zombie troops, armoured suits – some with jump packs, lasers and phasers and other fun stuff. The models themselves are sublimely sculpted and very well detailed and the rules are simple as heck to learn and very fun. Dust: Tactics is more of a boardgame then a tabletop miniatures effort, though later this month Fantasy Flight are releasing a much anticipated tabletop wargame version, Dust: Warfare and a new faction, the Soviet Union. I must say that I am a big fan of alternate history themed games and this one has me hooked. I just now need to keep my resolve and not fall into yet another miniatures game project! (I sold all of my Warmachine and Hordes armies for a reason!)

Next post WILL contain pics, most likely finished versions of the Inquisition troopers.

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