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03 January 2012

Rotten Sod (WIP)

A quick update with some painting progress.

Apologies for the sorry lighting.

This is the Magos of my Nurgle Chaos Coven. Started as the Skaven Warlord Spinetail, headswap, weaponswap (Or really a Weapon made from about 3 other weapons and a little plasticard.) and..... that's about all for conversion. I liked the model so much I really didn't want to do much else.

I still have many more things to do (As I hope you'll see.) but I figured I needed to update this blog with more work in progress pics as much for me as anyone else to keep me encouraged and not stall.

I wanted to go for a non-traditional colour scheme and seeing as I've rarely seen any Nurgle pieces in red, I figured I'd give it a go. I've also rarely painted red due to an almost childish dislike of Blood Angels and so forth and well.... I'm blathering.
The horns I've yet to settle on colour-wise - they need to be dark to contrast with the lighter skin colour, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Some washes toward the base of the skull, but I really don't want them looking stone-like. I could go a little black-er or darker instead, aiming toward an Oryx type horn colouring, but without the ridges on the model, I'm not sure it'll look right.

I'll take another stab tomorrow night. Time for bed.

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