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31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011, you will not be missed in the slightest

This year in the personal realm has been an absolute nightmare; so much so that I will happily forget it even existed and that will be all I'll say on that.

Bring on 2012 and the silly made-up Mayan rubbish that won't happen.

(My lil sis btw.)

In hobby news, I've been gifted over Christmas with some lovely models by me and my family. I'm hoping that I'll paint/convert each of them before 2013 comes around. (Hope-ing, not promising. Deep breath now.)

I only offer one promise for the coming year - I will post more than one update a week - most likely two. THIS will be the year of action!

Now sod off and do something far more drunkenly fun than reading blogs - it's NEW YEAR's EVE for elfin's sake!

- Dai

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