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05 December 2011

Wayward Son

Hersus Vorden – 3-armed mutant and illegitimate son of the Trader Prince himself. The galaxy is an unfair place; one minute a man is elated his chance coupling with a favoured scribe resulted in his first offspring, the next it would seem the cruel Fates would conspire to corrupt this new life in the foulest fashion. Yet, loyalty still exists and said offspring has proven time and again that he is loyal to both the Imperium and more importantly to the ship and it’s crew.

I enjoyed painting this mini, and it was my first proper try at attempting a Latin American/India/Pakistani type skin tone. I think I pulled it off okay? With Hersus done I’m left with only two team members of the Rogue Trader crew to paint up, then on to the Chaos Coven.

(Apologies for the dark pictures – they were taken this morning in my kitchen.)

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