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07 January 2012

Rotten Sod (Completed)

The Nurgle Magos is completed and I like him very much. Using a lot of layers of washes and highlights, I think I have come up with a very fun looking fellow to lead the Nurgle Coven. The horns ended up not being so difficult to finish and I'm quite happy with how they stand out against the rest of the model.
The only thing I'm a little leery of about this piece is the placement of the nurgling. Somrthing about him and where he's at isn't sitting right with me, though that might just me being my usual overly critical self.

This chap did have a name, but I wasn't fond of it, so I've tasked the controlling player of the Nurgle Coven to come up with one of his own. I do like the name I came up with the Nurgling however, Dumplestiltskin, which appeals to my base sense of humour.

He has diseases which cause strange glowing boils to erupt from his skin from time to time and.... that isn't a tail (in game rules he has a tentacle) - it's a parasite that has grown in his gut and erupted from out of his anus. Think tapeworm, but far more powerful and under the control of the mind of a half-crazed psychic beastman, blessed by Father Nurgle.

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  1. Nice paintjob, even better explanation of the tail, a daemonic tapeworm! Shouldn't there be flecks of blood on the tail as the insides of that beastman has to be like the inside of a gutters shed! Good blog.