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17 January 2012

Progress Update

No pics today, just a marker really to keep track of where I'm at with this project.

1. Rogue Trader Crew - All team members completed except for the Trader himself who is getting his base colours applied.

2. Puritan Ordo Malleus Cell - I have yet to start any figs for this team.

3. Radical Ordo Malleus Cell - Leader miniature has been purchased and am waiting on it's arrival from Coolminiornot Shop. He was the only outstanding fig for this project. Otherwise, Hired Gun is mostly painted, other figs are not.

4. Nurgle Chaos Coven - Leader and one Squat are completed, 2nd Squat (was stripped of old paint job) is getting base coat applied.

5. Tau Kill Team - Team Commander completed *pics coming soon*, two FireWarriors have had basecoats applied.

6. Terrain - Still need to get two sets of Pegasus Hobbies Platformer Construction Set - 4904. Have a good stock of foamboard ready for building creation tho have yet to find Cork Tiles to base the buildings upon. Also require 5 feet of 1/2" pvc piping, 6 elbow joints and 2 T-joints for industrial-type sewerage/water pipe terrain and pink foam for the building of hills.

7. Other projects - I need to stop working on so many different projects and conentrate on finishing (this) one. As well as this project I have:

a. Nurgle Chaos Marine project (A long time work of love.)
b. Raven Guard Space Marine army (A whim that has gotten blown out of proportion.)
c. Skaven army (A fantasy yearning that will, I think, be the death of me)
d. Imperial Guard army (A small mostly RT force based around the idea of being a Rogue Trader's household guard)
e. Multiple Malifaux teams (Need to be painted up for a friend so we can actually play with painted figs)

8. O, and I need to put down StarWars: The Old Republic. MMO's are the death of any hobby energy.

"Control, control, you must learn control!" - Yoda

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  1. The same is true for games and writing. Only when I am bored of every adventure in my house, are new ones created in my head.