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22 January 2012

Xenos Filth (Part 1)

Two updates in one day? Say it isn't true!

Tau Kill Team Commander - the player wanted a Charcoal and Black scheme - black being a horrid colour to paint, of course - with red highlights. So here you go. Also has a sword, a sheathed katana from some company or other that I had been directed to by a forum pal, which I guess is about as close to what a Tau would have i think.

The hand print (Count, 4 fingers) was also a request and I think it looks okay too. No idea about this fellow's background or personality, tho I will post it up once I get it from the player.

And the Commander with his Vespid Trooper.

Also here's a WIP of a Xenos Psyker from some Cult or other that's being painted up for a mission I'm designing.

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  1. THATS IT! Thats how im going to paint the tau im eventually getting! ive been trying to decide on a colour scheme and nothing seemed right, but that one there, with just slightly darker cloth(or whatever you call it) is exactly what i want!