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27 October 2011

Still crazy after all this time

Somehow I have lost the mojo. Not to say that I've been completely inactice since my last entry, but I've since found it terribly difficult to sit and work on a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g of late. No sooner have I set up my workstation in the living room, than I find myself just sat there wondering why I set it all up in the first place?

What work I have managed, is to start painting a 5-man squad of Raven Guard Sternguard for my burgeoning Space Marine force. Stuck together and de-mold-lined the Tau team members for my upcoming Inquisimunda campaign. Stuck together the remainder of the other teams bar (I think) three characters - the Rogue Trader Crew's navigator, the Nurgle Coven Magos and the yet to be purchased Paridal Ordo Malleus Interrogator. Then it's on to painting.

That is, if I can get my mojo back.

I think it is down to my workspace. Currently, I have no option but to set up in the living room, upon the coffee table with the floor as my chair. Considering my only opportunites to paint so that I won't take time away from family is in the evening whilst my wife and I watch a dvd or some such, it's kind of like sharing time whilst being horribly distracted sotospeak. I really need to get the spare/hobby room up to spec and soon.

Kinda-rant over. Next entry should be better reading.


  1. yay, it works!

    i know exactly what you mean. my painting station is simply a patch of my table right next to my pc, and yet i never feel like doing any painting! thus, in my two years of warhammering, i have fully painted only a single model, and mostly painted two others. about once a month i paint some random marine mostly red then get bored and do something else.
    I really need to do some painting, and give my army an identity...

  2. Funny thing is, once you really get going and put some effort into your army and see finished results it really stats an itch that needs scratching and boy when you finally see a majority of an army or even the entire collection fully painted... It's a good feeling mate.

    Today we should be getting the futon delivered that's going to be put in our spare/hobby room. This is cool, cos it'll mean that I can start painting in there and my wife will be able to hang out too. (I don't like locking myself away from my family to paint for hours on end - bloody inconsiderate and rude if you ask me.)

    Now if those damnable furniture folks would finally turn up - they are already 41 minutes late!

  3. I really want a fully painted army, but it just seems so impossibly far away. i bought too much, too fast without painting it. i would have more motivation if i had a better selection of paints, since i only have the starter pack which has mithril silver instead of boltgun metal and no green. i find it easier to get some painting done at my warhammer club, where they have no black or white but tons of pink and yellowy-brown. i need better brushes too, and so does the club.