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05 October 2011

Rogue Trader Version 1.0

For the =][=munda campaign I'm building for my gaming group I'm selfishly building the Gm's protagonists team that will pop up from time to time, a Rogue Trader Crew built on the inquisimunda rules mentioned in my last post.

I've backgrounds for all these characters, tho they need editing - a lot, so I think I'll wait before I post them until each of these figs is painted and ready for final inspection.

First of all I present the Rogue Trader Prince himself Antolio Etcheverria  de Dios Otero Antormarchi, a man who's scent for profit seriously rivals his love for life - and this man lives on the edge if ever someone could be described as such.

Constant companion and very wookiee-like loyalty offered from this being, K' Kulluk owes Antolio a life debt and has yet to repay it in the Rogue Trader's eyes.

As much detail of his GS bionic eye that my camera will allow.

The Ship's Arch Militant, Castro - a Squat who was far from his home when the Tyranid scourge scythed through his homeworlds with (seriously) unbelievable ease. Dour and only emotional when his true aim vapes a target, this Squat has nothing left except his loyalty to his pay. I love this fig so much I'll leave it alone coversion-wise completely, it's my fav ever RT Squat sculpt.

Ship's Navigator Sholuss Fax is a Mantic Ghoul with a few added extras. I imagine him to be a Psyker from a low tech world.

Hersus Vorden is a Crew Member trusted more than others due to being an unofficial illegitemate offspring of the Rogue Prince. I'll leave it up to you to figure out why he keeps it under wraps.

Lastly I offer forth the Hired Gun, Bounty Hunter and former Arbites Sergeant who as yet has no name. I like that he kept his uniform through to his new profession.

Next up, painted update!

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