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01 October 2011

In the beginning, there was...

With much fanfare and rejoicing, I bring forth this offering to the gawds of fantasy and sci-fi miniature painting and converting and hope for their kind eyes to smile upon my unworthy creations.

There's much to write about and little time, which isn't a very good start now is it?

I've never blogged before regarding my hobby - well, not b-l-o-g per se, I mean, I've kept painting logs on a couple sites - my main site with a very supportive and close community Papanurgle and a neglected plog on sonsofcorax where it's quite a bit quieter. But after reading through a bunch of miniature modeling blogs here on Blogspot that I've found linked from wonderful folks @ the dakkadakka blogs (Such as the amazingly talented and inspirational Migsula and Baiyuan) I kind of feel brave enough to start my own. Was thinking of creating my own on Dakkadakka, but I haven't time to keep up with yet another forum and so felt that a blog here would be more manageable (And if no-one stops by to comment, it's no big deal cos I think I'll only invite one person to come by to scrutinise my creations anyhow.).

A little background to my hobby.

I've been in the hobby on and off since about 1987. My first army being a Warhammer Fantasy Skeleton effort that fared poorly against a plethora of dwarf armies and so I quickly gave up. I then found friends who introduced me to 40k and I got hooked, Squats being my first love (And Nurgle 40k my 2nd) and thus started my love affair with the Dark Future that awaits us all!!!!! Or not.

The last game of 40K I have played was when 2nd Edition came out. I have read through the current rules and find them wanting. (Why this company caters to children and the aptitude of retards I have no idea?) So my hobby is almost purely one for myself and the sense of calm painting and converting brings after a day full of mundane local government work.

My painting efforts are also not limited to the Games Workshop environment, I also attend a weekly roleplay gaming group with some close friends and am the elected painter for any figures that may be needed, so I have plenty of Reaper and Privateer Press (And a few other brands) mini's that are in the works too.


Right now I am deeply inspired by the discovery of Inquisimunda a modified rules system based off of the awesome game Necromunda that GW released in the 1990's. After finding Migsula's AMAZING WORK created for this system I couldn't help myself and have dived deep into a lush pool of creativity that I find wonderfully exciting - so much so that I have managed to convince my gaming group to play a wee Inquisimunda campaign that I am getting together.

And that's where I'll leave this first entry. Hope some will come back to check in on my progress and I'll be certain to post pics of what I'm up to and a description of the lists I'm working on soon.

- Dai

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