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11 October 2011

Rivals Part 1

Within my group, there are two Inquisition Cells, both Ordo Malleus, one Puritan the other Radical. They should prove to make some fun and interesting match-ups in game and for any fluff or writeups during the campaign.

I've been working slowly on miniatures for all of the groups that I plan to have involved in my =][=munda campaign, adding new weapons here and doing head-swaps there. My converting skill is sadly lacking when compared to my ideas and vision, so what modifications the posted miniatures will show are relatively simple and in some cases non-existent as I am happy with the bare sculpt as-is.

Neither of these models is ready for paint, though they are the closest of my Inquisition teams who are. Lugnut is in need of some piping and the Countess will have to have some of her armour detail filed off and an Inquisition symbol or two added instead. And of course they need their bases finished.

Lugnut, Ogryn Recruit (Recruit is base rank in an Ordo team - in Necromunda terms, a "Juve".) from the Radical Ordo Malleus team lead by Interrogator Harding Wyndham. (Fething figure is huge.) This Ogryn is a relatively recent addition to the Interrogator's staff and has proven his usefulness more than once in combat situations due to his massive size, strength and stupidity.

And this will be the Interrogator (leader) of the Puritan Ordo Malleus team, the Radical team's rivals.  Countess Evalambia Triantafilou, a beautiful and seemingly youthful woman (She is actually 68), her thirst for power and respect within her order is no secret and she hopes to attain full Inquisitor status within the decade.

Real bright pic of her (as she was undercoated black from a previous project) so you can see her lovely Werner Klocke detail.

And custom Power Hammer I made for her. (Took a lot of hacking and filing to get rid of her stock sword, I tell ya!)

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