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03 November 2011

Any Which Way But

How fleeting that moment of creative slowness ended up being.....

Spent the last two days grey-stuffing and glueing and converting and kitbashing to my heart's content. I'm pretty much damn near done with this part and my 5 teams are almost ready for paint!

Quick list of teams and their progress:

1. Rogue Trader Crew (All undercoated and ready for paint.)

2. Puritan Ordo Malleus Cell (A little gravel on their bases and undercoat needed then paint!)

3. Radical Ordo Malleus Cell (Still waiting on the actual fig I intend to use as this team’s leader ((Interrogator)) otherwise at the same stage as the Puritan team.)

4. Nurgle Chaos Coven (A little gravel on their bases and undercoat needed then paint!)

5. Tau Kill Team (As above, tho two models are lacking “Swords”. No Tau have swords aside from a Forge World Crisis Suit commander. What the hell is a tau sword supposed to look like anyway – I didn’t think they used them?!?)

I’ve also assembled a 9 or 10 man unit of troops for a scenario I’m planning involving patrols and guards and something the players’ teams will be looking to get from them. Most all of these figs are old Rogue Trader figs that came to me from a lovely chap back in Blighty. They did need a little TLC though, with some having no heads and one heavy weapons trooper needing brand new feet. (Gosh how my sculpting skills lack….)

So in all, lots of photos need taking, eh? Hopefully have some nice pictures up of primed teams waiting for their licks of colour in my next entry. Now I just have to come up with colour schemes that sit well with me. Hrm….

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