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21 November 2011

Paint Progress

These past few days have seen a spike in painting creative juice levels or something. So I've been working on a couple of the team members from the Rogue Trader Crew and can now happily say they are done.

Because it's 12:30am I'll keep this short, so here are the pics - 1st, Castro the Squat Arch Militant:

Bit colourful isn't he? I like it. You might also see in the first pic that I even coloured the iris in his open eye brown. Or not - my camera is a point and click and only offers average macro function at the best of times. I like him regardless.

Next I offer Marco Gariboldi, the Bounty Hunter Hired Gun:

Mr Gariboldi (Bab' 5 anyone?) was dead fun to paint, more so than I was expecting. I wanted a drab scheme for the chap to offer his supposed "neutral" status among the crew.

Lastly I offer Gunter who isn't of the Rogue Trader Crew, but of the Nurgle Chaos Coven. He is about the most extensively I've converted out of any of the figs in my =][=munda campaign. He was painted some time ago, but I have stuck a few new washes on him and he looks a little better now.

*Edit* Please forgive the mold lines on Gunter's Weapon..... I didn't even notice them until now. But 12:50am and work tomorrow and all that...... yeah.

Next up in the painting mill is the Kroot Void Master K'Kulluck. Pissing irritating figure to paint if you ask me.



  1. Thanks! Really simple changes turned out okay I think.
    Had to lose the helmet though, it just looked ridiculous to me.
    Appreciate the comment!

    - Dai

  2. I like the chaos squat, got a Mojo Jojo thing going on with the brain exposed, and lovely elephantine swollen limbs, brilliant!