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04 November 2011

Before the Onslaught

Here's a quick update to show where I'm at currently on the teams.

Puritan Ordo Malleus Cell
Next to the Rogue Trader Crew, these guys are my most complete team. 7 miniatures, all ready for primer and paint. My fav of these is the RedBoxGames "Fat Fergus" monk toting the flamer in the back row. He oozes the confidence and arrogance I imagine a fighting man of the cloth to wield. The three greatcoated Acolytes are by Wargames Factory and the short fellow at the front right is the Privateerpress figure, Alten Ashley who is weilding an impressive meltagun with an attatched Exterminator Cartridge in case he gets swamped by multiple foes.

Radical Ordo Malleus Cell

I'm a big fan of the old Imperial Beastmen from Rogue Trader days. The idea of them being seen as mutants trying to atone for their "sin of being" really kicks arse in my mind. This team is small, only 5 members due to the expensive loadouts each team member has. The team leader (Interrogator) is conspicuously absent as he's yet to be purchased, though I have mentioned as much before.
Nurgle Chaos Coven
This team is missing two Squat members from the pic as they are in a little disrepair after a wee fight that ended with them on the floor. (Or they fell off my painting table after the cat jumped unexpectedly up there last night?) Be not affraid tho, because they will be back all too soon in their Nurgley grossness. So as mentioned, there is quite a hodgepodge of figures in this group. The leader is Skaven Warlord Spinetail with a head and weapon swap. He's the leader of this Coven and a powerful Beastman Psyker. The winged... "thing" on the left is a daemonhost, all mutated with tentacle and claw and crazed expression. Built from a Mantic Ghoul - lovely sculpt, full of character. I hope he'll look as cool once painted as he does in my head. Next to him is a Big Mutie with a large Nurgle Greater Daemon hand from 1990 or some such that I had spare to represent as his mutated claw. The other two are old rare GW figs that I've had since I were a wee lad.

Tau Kill Team

One of my friends was so excited to play in this game that he went and spent $$$ on ebay to have his own Tau Team because at the time I did not have any Tau figures. The team tried to take advantage of the rules and be as diverse as a xenos unit could be. Two Fire Warriors, a Stealth Suited Specialist, Vespid, Kroot and the metal leader at front. There's also a Shield Drone that I forgot to include in this pic.

NPC Guards

These mixed bag of RT thru current range Imperial Guard and other fun figs are going to act as my (GM) figs for whatever scenario they fit. They came in all sorts of states from headless through to feetless. The Arab looking bolter chap is intended to be their leader. The old land speeder driver at the front left is actually sat upon a pile of rucksacks.

You might notice a missing team here..... Yes, that's right, in my 1am photo-taking frenzy last night I completely forgot to take pictures of the Rogue Trader Crew. But seeing as it's already been featured below in my eearliest entries it doesn't matter all that much. A few new changes have been  made to the team members, but nothing so much that I need to post them again before they are painted I think.

Any comments and or critiques are welcome at this point, though with these simple snapshots, I know there's not much to go by.


  1. I like the fat fergus guy, he creates a funny image of an overweight old grump who, in battle, suddenly turns agile, strong and ruthlessly skilled in burning/hacking up xenos!

    Heh, the word verification just gave me a good idea for a name...

  2. Who's the giant green guy in the Radical OM team? Ogre?

    He's excellent.

  3. @ Ancientsociety - He's an Ogre from the Herosscape game by.... MB(?) with an obvious head-swap and some other additions.

    Will probably get to painting him after the New Year.