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08 September 2015

Star Wars: Armada Repaints

I'll start this post with a swift public message:


*this message was brought to you by a disgruntled Dai who'll not be using the listed phone app again. Ever.*

Ahem. But I digress.

The reason for this mild outburst is from when I attempted to upload a new post using said phone app, it instead deleted my previous post (Apologies to those kind enough to add comment) and the full post I had laboriously typed up up til that point.

Enough whining about the past though.

Here are my repaints of my friend Gregg's Rebel ships so that they look better on the tabletop and also can be more easily told apart during games.
Kept one in it's original colours so the classic Tantive IV ship from Episode IV can be represented. Just gave it's markings a sprucing up and the general body-work some highlights.

Engine Glows got a touch up on all ships.

Switched the red markings on the 2nd Corvette to blue. I like it.

Complete re-paint on the 3rd Corvette. Saw one like this on the internet and decided to copy the scheme.

Blue glows on this one as orange would have blended in too much with the red. 

Gregg's 2nd Nebulon-B repainted green with orange stripe. 

So now Gregg's fleet at least looks boss, even though it's yet to win a game...

I also got these two Confederate Officers done for ACW games. I intend to use them as Brave Colonels in Regimental Fire & Fury and as Heroes counters for when I play Sam Mustafa's Longstreet rules set. Simple paintjobs on some characterful sculpts.

Blue Moon 15mm sculpt on the left, unknown manufacturer on the right.

Late last night I also started getting paint on my skeleton warriors that I intend to use in my rpg campaign. Still 6 archers to get started on too, but I'm going to let my son do those.


  1. Great repaints. Always love seeing what people come up with on the ship repaints! The neb-b is AWESOME.

    1. Cheers Gregg!

      Yeah, I'm kind of partial to that Neb as well over the others.

  2. Agree about the app. It's crap. It's also nearly impossible to update from a mobile device, as I can never get the pictures to work.

    Still like the repaints!

    1. Thanks Rich.

      I really think you should invest in Armada - just tell the wife that it's XWing expanded!

  3. Terrific repaints Dai, I especially love the all-red variant. that'll be the one I'd be attacking irrespective of its abilities in-game, as it doesn't half attract the eye :-) Good work on the skellies too.

    1. Hehe - it died a messy death last game too - a good tactic I think, I'll be sure to keep that in mind for my next game! :)

  4. Nice rant.

    Oh and still lovin' the eclectic mix of genres in your posts.

    1. I have been a bit all over the place of late, haven't I... Hrm. Don't know if that's good or not?