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13 September 2015

Handful of rpg minis

Been trying to get through the basic block of minis I think I'll need for the initial chapter of my upcoming rpg campaign.

First up, completed ninja character mini. Again, an old 1980's Citadel Miniatures sculpt made for the original Talisman boardgame.

Huge feet obviously means, he wears huge shoes, right?

Fed up with stupid sword hand that has come off and been reattached 20-odd times in 20-odd years so it stays as is. A little wonky, but it'll do.
Next up a small group of skeletons. These are also old Citadel Miniatures from their first plastic Skeletons boxed set. Seeing as they're just going to be fodder for the heroes to take down, I didn't bother to get rid of mold lines and their paintjobs are super simple.

Blood smear on their foreheads is part of the magic ceremony to animate them!

Still 6 more of these warriors to do and a further 6 skeleton archers too.

Lastly, part one of two on this one. A "Mini-boss" and it's mount - a Dire Wolf.

This sculpt reminded me of Gmork, the wolf-villain from the 1984 film, Never Ending Story.

Skulls, for the Wolf Skull God?
The rider will be up next!


  1. I like the idea of the blood smear on the skeleton's forehead - I may well borrow that idea! Great stuff!

    1. Feel free good sir!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Nice work all-round Dai, though the Gmork is my particular fave of the bunch - especially after having just watched that movie recently.

    1. That film was one of my fave as a child. Even stands up pretty well now, 30 years later.
      Thanks lots mate!

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  3. Looking good man, makes me want to paint my ninjas.

    1. Cheers Rich. I think you should paint a few, if only so you can add them to your rpg sessions!

  4. Replies
    1. Yep, my all time favorite of GWs boardgames and the original, not the later editions with plastic minis.