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02 September 2015

A Disapproving Pair

In my last post I presented the Serving Girl for my rpg tavern scenes so here are her parents, also by Reaper Miniatures. Easy to paint and given a quick and dirty paint job so they're off my painting queue.

The bloke actually has stubble painted on his face, but the light washed it out, which is annoying. 

The yellow for the barman's shirt is some freebie paint that Reaper stuck in with my last miniatures order from their website. I really like the colour, but the paint itself went on somewhat thinly and needed 3 coats before I was happy. Can't complain about free though!

Per usual, these pictures are from pre-varnish stage.
Nice to have some non-combat NPC's in my collection to be honest.

This evening I'm demoing a game or two of Star Wars: Armada for my mate Densmol and on Sunday I am playing again with another mate, Stew who has also yet to play. Will try to get some AAR's up if I remember.


  1. Cool models! Very characterful. I love how he is drying a mug.

    1. I think it's more of a nervous habit whilst he watches his friendly daughter saunter about serving in the tavern. :)

  2. Stains on the apron. Nice touch. I should have done that myself. I haven't had much success with it in the past though.

    1. Not very realistic stains now i look at them, but they'll do.

      Thanks mate!

  3. Characterful models like this deserve all the extra attention to the faces you've clearly given them. A lovely set there!

  4. Love how those turned out, man - excellent work!