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15 September 2015

More rpg figs

Painting bug is back so taking full advantage of it.

Got the rider done for the Dire Wolf I showed last post. Although he's supposed to be an orc, I painted him up in the same colours as the Hobgoblins I'd completed months ago. He'll be their leader and I hope will put the willies up my players when I plonk him down on the map. The figs are old Grenadier sculpts and the rider used to have a metal crescent shaped back banner thing, but I've long since lost that, so used a plastic GW bad moon one instead. Looks okay for what I need it for.

Hoshaar the White Crescent is a slaver who's business is thriving under the current state of things in the Riverlands.

Perhaps could have done a little more on the rear of the back banner, o well. 

Wierd sculpt on the Wolf's tail - looks more suited to a horse tail to me.

Got a little lazy on those elbow spikes and painted them the same colour of the leather. 

I then went on to finish up another trio of skeleton warriors to join the other 4 I showed last post. More of the same from last time - simple quick paint jobs on some old sculpts.

For being 30-year old or so sculpts, they still look pretty good.

Not sure what I'll work on next, there's still 3 of my skeleton warriors to go and 6 archers too. Though I'll probably get started on my 28mm WW2 Winter Soviets as Densmol is coming over Wednesday for a paint session.


  1. Thats a mighty formidable looking wolf rider you've done there Dai. Really like the red with the chainmail etc. Gotta love them old Grenadier sculpts. Those skeletons are rather nice too and bring back all sorts of "Jason & The Argonauts" memories. Lovely posting and long may the painting bug last :-)

    1. Cheers Simon, am hoping the Hobgob leader will indeed put the willies up the players. I kept the skeletons intentionally basic with that image in my head. :)

  2. Skeletons look great, and the rider looks like a proper big boss to fight!

    1. Funny thing is, he's not going to be "killing" any of the players in my game. But I'll let on to more about that when the game actually gets going. Cheers mate.