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02 November 2015

Squeak I tell you, Squeak!

Things have been plodding along in a fair fashion this week on my hobby desk. 

There’s always plenty to be done in my hobby room, but as it stands my required minis for next year’s rpg campaign are almost all painted up. Just waiting on my RedBoxGames Barbarian Hordes Kickstarter lot to arrive (Including 2 more Player Character minis and 9 more zombies) and then there’s terrain pieces to add some flavour to encounters.

But in further readiness, I got these critters out. Giant Rats or Dire Rats depending on which flavour you prefer. They’ll be at least an interesting encounter.

These Singles are by Reaper in their plastic Bones medium. Super cheap and okay for detail considering so. They painted up easily and I really didn’t want to spend too much time getting such disposable vermin painted up so it’s just base colour and wash with a slight highlight here and there. I added simple roman numerals to the backs of their bases (Something I need to do to all my badguy minis) so it’ll be easier to keep track of their health in combats.

My son demanded I paint them with red eyes, though I'm not sure they show up that well in these pictures.

This pile of Timorous Beasties is (I think.) an old Ral Partha Giant Rat Swarm. I like the cartoony sculpts to their faces, the crisp sculpts made painting easier than otherwise. Again, super simple and dirty paint job to patch the single rats. No idea how I’m going to use these, but they look fun and should at least provide some visual fun to the planned encounter.

I think the size of base I used makes them look less... "swarm-ish".....

.....But considering how much use I'll get out of these blighters, I really don't care.

I also got to last minute work the previous evening on this Reaper Bones big cat from their Animal Companions pack. Saw a Snow Leopard on the tv and felt inspired to try to copy their beautiful pelt scheme. So far, it looks like a 9-year-old has painted it, but I’ll see if I can’t change that some and make it look more realistic. Once it’s finished, the druid in my rpg will then have two animal companion choices.

Pink noses. All of them have pink noses when I searched online for images. So damned cute, if these things weren't so deadly.

Basic markings are black dots and circles with a slight darker grey inside. Got the basics down, but they look like some crappy kids toy from Walmart right now...

Then there’s this handy little Treasure pile, again by Reaper in their Bones plastic. It was a quick and dirty paint job, just enough to look enticing enough for my player characters in my rpg to want to fight for it. J

A chest on a pile of Gold, Silver and Copper coins. A lamp and...

Even a huge green gem on a gold necklace....

Also with Cameron’s Firestorm D-Day Flames of War campaignnow started, Densmol is coming over on Wednesday to get our first game in in a while. It’s D-Day boys and girls and the Longest Day is about to begin. (Not that we’ll be playing a beach landing… as I don’t have beach terrain stuff and Densmol has no fortifications. *facepalm*) For our first game and to at least keep with the D-Day theme I’ve started work on a Breaching Group composed of a regular Sherman tank, two Sherman Crab Flail tanks and a pair of Churchill AVsRE tanks & a short platoon consisting of a pair of Churchill Crocodiles. As this pic shows, all but the Sherman Crabs have been Primered and based coated with Vallejo Russian Green (The Crabs are now primered as well and should be base coated in green also by the end of this evening.).
Along with the tanks, I also started basing my ACW Confederate artillery. These should also be finished up this evening and I’ll get another post submitted to show the finished batteries.

AVsRE on the left, regular Sherman in the center and Crocodile & Fuel Trailers on the right. The ACW artillery are along the front, their crew and guns all painted, just needing dirt painted and grass glued on!

My pair of Sherman Crabs prior to primer being sprayed on. These were a pain in the rump to assemble, with no instructions on the Flames of War website! Still, they look great all stuck together. In the background, you can see my in progress ACW infantry regiment on lolly-sticks.

Lastly (!!!), my good pal Stew came over yesterday and we got my first game of Chain of Command (By TooFatLardies) in. It was played in 15mm as that’s what my current terrain collection is made up of with his appropriately based Heer Germans versus my inappropriately based Brits. Sadly no pics were taken as I quite forgot as I was nursing a sorry post Halloween party hangover. I REALLY liked the way this game played though; the rules were easy to pick up and even though I lost due to some awful dice rolling, I really felt like I was on the edge of my seat in a great tactical battle with some great maneuvering by the attacking germans and brave hunkering down by my Tommies. I feel it was perfect for 15mm scale gaming and it’s a game I’d love to play again. I might have to pick up a set of the rules in the near future or at least stick them down on my Xmas list.

If you made it this far, then well done! This post grew out of proportion, but it was fun to show what I’ve been up to of late. Should have the next one up in a couple days or so.


  1. All good stuff Dai! Love them big ass rats.

  2. Don't be so hard on your snow leopard, it looks great!

    1. Heh, thanks mate. Am done with him now, really couldn't get the enthusiasm to do more to such soft detailed a sculpt.

  3. Great job all round, but I love those rats. Seeing them on the blue box makes me think they are floating down a river somewhere.

    1. You know, now I look at the pics, I am totally with you on that. :)

  4. I've got those very same Bones rats on my to-do list. Yours look great so I've got my inspiration already, thanks!

    1. Cheers Stuart. Look forward to seeing how you get your own squeakers together!