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03 November 2015


I found time last night to finish basing my 15mm ACW Confederate artillery. 6 guns/stands should be all I'll ever need at the scale I intend to play seeing as the  2 rules sets my opponent and I intend to play (Regimental Fire and Fury & Longstreet) typically limit a battery to 3 bases and where differing cannon-types are introduced, I’ll just print a label to indicate if the gun is a Parrot, 6 or 12-pounder, etc and affix to the back of their bases for gameplay identification purposes.

1st three guns. Had to have at least one crewman with a red shirt. I saw many paintings that I used as reference online where CSA Artillery crew were loading in red shirts. My Star Trek sensibilities do not think those fellows will go very far though....

These sculpts are by Blue Moon who do a rather good and extensive range for 15mm ACW, were affordable  and were fun to paint to boot. I tried to research Confederate Artillery uniforms online and went with a rather generic scheme as it seemed the simplest to paint over a full unit. Once again, not everyone got a uniform, so civvie clothing features though not as frequently as within my infantry regiments’ sculpts.

2nd three guns. The crew pack had a bunch of people pointing. I don't really think they are a necessary pose outside of officers, being rather obvious otherwise. Regardless, the bases I've arranged look fun enough and I especially like the detail on the right hand gun here of the sergeant's chevrons on the sleeve of his pointing arm.

I based these with only 2 crew members for two reasons:

         a.   The guns come six to a pack. The crew twelve. Do the math. J
         b.  There’s only enough room on these 1.5’x1” bases for two crew!

Regardless I really like how they came out. The bases are a little thicker than my already previewed Cavalry and Generals due to them being kindly donated, but that’s just fine as a few extra millimeters height is hardly an advantage! (And I get to call these Gun Batteries done!)

This is my favourite base of the six. The Officer has his sword drawn and a rather splendid full beard and seems to be pleading with the other crewman to reload the damned cannon already. The crewman in contrast is toting a bucket and I fear, might be a little slow witted.

I also finished up the Snow Leopard. Out of the blue, I got sick of looking at the cat, so after softening the blackspots a little with some dark greys and sprucing up the throat and underbelly with a slight white dry-brush, I did the basing and called it a day. This feline will do for rpg game purposes and in the future, when I make a plan to paint a plain brown mountain lion, I'm sticking to it!

Tomorrow Densmol and I are going to get a game of Flames of War in for Cameron's D-Day online campaign, so expect an AAR posted up with pictures (Promise) by the weekend.


  1. Splendid looking artillery stands Dai.

    1. Cheers Michael. Now all I have to paint are.... 40-odd stands of infantry! O_o

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Nate. Not up to your splendid standards, but they'll look good enough on the game table.

  3. Very fine artillery stands. I agree, the one base with the officer and the bucket guy is hilarious. "Dammit, Perkins, Cannon ball! I told you to get a frickin cannonball!"
    "But, the cannon's all dirty, sir. Needs a wash."

    1. Heh, cheers, Glad I wasn't the only one.