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03 November 2014

Tally Ho! (Desert Light Armour Platoon - Part 1)

I started work on my Flames of War 8th Army Light Armoured Platoon yesterday and pretty much finished up the platoon commander. The unit is comprised of a Command Crusader II tank and two Crusader III's. I tried to do a bit of research on camouflage schemes  and so forth as I wanted my force to be roughly based on troops that were present during the 2nd Battle for El Alamein and so went with the following scheme.

The lighting washed out some of the shading in these pics. That oil drum for example looks a lot more "rusted" in real life than this picture would otherwise have you believe. 

Poor commander only gets a pitiful 2-pounder to play with. This gun will barely bail a panzer III!
As with my previously shown armoured cars, these will get a little weathering once I've worked out correct markings for them and applied the decals. I painted this tank up entirely by hand, which is a bit silly what with my airbrush sat downstairs (just waiting for me to make this whole process easier and quicker), and so this one tank managed to take up most of my painting time yesterday - about 4-5 hours! The other two tanks from this platoon are both ready for highlights and so forth and I should have them done by hopefully Friday.

Next up, as a really quick side-project, I finally managed to get my rpg character's miniature done! Here is Pillip the Grippli - Priest of the Croak Mother. This mini is bloody small, like, a tad shorter than my 15mm Flames of War infantry figures! O_o So lots of careful application of paint required. Saying that, because he's so small, it only took me maybe an hour and a bit to get him finished? As he's a gaming mini (And our campaign storyline is almost over), I'm not putting all that much effort into him, but I think he looks pretty cool as is.

Lastly, I also started work on another random rpg mini. I let my wife choose it out of the 140-or-so random roleplay figs I have waiting for some colour and she picked out an old plastic 1980's  Heroquest playing piece, the "Chaos Sorcerer". So far I"m only managed to get basic colours on and highlight the skin some, so no pics as yet, but it was fun to get working on such an old silly sculpt. :) I'll post finished pics soon.


  1. Very nice Dai, love the tin cans.

  2. I still have heroquest in a closet somewhere. I'm occasionally tempted to pull it out and raid if for minis. Did you need to do any special prep? Just prime?

    I'm really digging your froggy PC. I suspect the croak mother is an old school eat the sinners and heretic type of god?

    1. The sorcerer was a paint to clean up with big mold lines all over. 80's plastic casting I guess. :) some filing, some delicate knife shaving and he was ready for primer. Didn't wash him, and didn't need to it would seem as the paint is doing just fine thus far.

      I felt the Croak Mother would be a loving, caring nature-based deity of healing and plentiful works and grubs. I'll leave the "eat the sinners and heretics" to those horrid Bullywug clerics! :)

  3. Ooh, fab! I've been agonising over what kind of scheme to go for when I start on my desert force, and this looks both awesome and Draxable, so thanks!

    (Researching this seems tricky, everything I've found seems vague and contradictory...albeit appropriate given that there seems to have been little uniformity of application or availability most of the time...)

    Like the wee Frenchman too.

    1. Yeah mate, this scheme was one I wasn't too afraid I'd mess up. Seeing as most camo's (Like you've said) were not uniform by any means, you can even take a few liberties and personalise to a small extent. Some pics show the black/brown extending onto the running gear, but I prefered it stuck on the hull only.

      I also have 3 Churchills from the fame'd "Kingforce" to camouflage in tan and brown that should also prove to be fun and interesting.

  4. Very nice painting mate, and congrats on 40,000 views!