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16 November 2014

Eyes and Ears in the Desert

Whilst work has started on my Kingforce Churchill platoon, I decided to take a quick break from them (As they haven't turned out as simple to paint up as I'd originally envisaged.) and kick out the Universal Carrier Patrol for my 8th Army project. I've showcased a different patrol for my Late War Canadians previously and this set of three were pretty much the same models, though from a dodgy re-caster on Ebay. The sculpts were alright, though the crew (Driver and gunner, the passenger in the rear of the lead carrier is a metal mini I added.) were part of the cast, so were a bit of a pain to pick out, but otherwise, these being tiny vehicles, they painted up super quick. Again, markings and some weathering still in the works and this time I think I have at least 1/2 my Company's markings ready to apply.

These fellows' faces are all rosy to show their desert tans, or sunburn. :)

 This one makes me think these Tommies are sat gorping at the red-headed girl in the distance. :)
Lastly, I'm also trying hard to finish a last minute surprise project in time for the D-Day tournament on Saturday 22nd. I think it will look really cool once completed, just hope I can get it done in time.


  1. Big fan of the universal carrier and these look the business. Top job on the colour scheme. How do you get the detail such as rivets etc to 'pop out' from the shading, is that a drybrush or highlight over the wash? Good stuff whatever you do :-)

    1. base coat
      base colour on top of that with a flat brush.
      no drybrushing, just careful dabs here and there for edges and rivets.


  2. These look top-notch mate!

    ...and boy am I looking forwrd to Kingforce.

    (not just because 'king' happens to be my surname, either.)


    1. you mean your real name's not Drax!?Next thing you'll be telling me you're not a real admiral! :P
      I hope they'll pass muster sir.