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21 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 Part 4! (Birthday Edition!)

Yesterday was my birthday, where I turned a balmy 25. Again.

I had a lovely weekend with a massive long Robotech rpg session, Sunday with my son to see the Oakland Raiders lose versus the Arizona Cardinals, saw Fury with a good mate (Amazing flick!) and then yesterday spent almost all of my waking hours painting. Can't ask for more really.

When in Oakland Colosseum, do as the Raider Faithful do. 
Paint-wise I finally got a little tutelage from Densmol on how best to start using my airbrush - and you know what, I did. And it wasn't as hard as I feared. I'm still no good by any means, but at least it's not the big scary thing to avoid any longer.

Panzer iv H platoon for my German SS list. My first time attempting German camo of any sort and not a crap effort I think. This is them with a brown wash on - Densmol thinks they look too dark, but I kind of like their sinister look. Lots of work still to do on these.

Also base coated my Pak40 Anti-tank guns and Nebelwerfers so their ready for weathering. Still on the fence as to whether I'll add camo to these...
 Also on the Flames of War front, I put together my Jagdpanzer iv platoon! Had some fun messing up their Schurzen too. Had some fun with these.

Commander (Front left) mini is from the new plastic Panzer iv kit.

And last but not least, a couple more zombies! 6 down, 2 to go. Until next time!

I like to think the one on the left has lost his spectacles. 

Group shot keeps getting getting each time more bodies are added!


  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like you couldn't have had a better time. I didn't know that Skeletor was a Raiders fan. :)
    I am still nervous with my airbrush. I really need to use it more.
    Those zombies look SO evil. Yikes.

    1. Thanks a lot Mike, one of the best birthday's in a long time.

    2. O and Evil zombies are my preference - none of this Scooby-Doo nonsense in my games.

  2. Lovely stuff once again. Really like the group shot too. That's one terrifying zombie horde. Huge Oakland fan myself, though as I have to cross the Atlantic to see them for real you can count the times I've seen them live on one hand. Did catch them against Miami at Wembley though... pretty awful tbh, though Al Davis' torch being lit was a nice touch. I thought this was supposed to be our year!!

    1. I've been lucky since hopping across the pond 13 years ago to be so close. Saying that, I've still only been to 4 or 5 live games in that time. This was never supposed to be our year - nor have the last 12... ~_~

      Thanks for the kind comments.

  3. Happy Birthday from a DIEHARD CHIEFS fan!

    1. .... seriously? I am so disappointed.