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14 October 2014

For November's Tournament

Was up late last night determined to finish these three tanks for the list I have prepared for the last Flames of War tournament of the year up here in NorCal. It's going to be a 1500 point D-Day theme, strictly red-vs-blue Firestorm affair with theme'd tables and everything. I'm super hyped for it.

To switch things up a little, I'm planning on running an Armoured list - 4th Canadian. I needed three Sherman tanks to fill it out the earlier Sherman platoon configuration of three Shermans and only one Firefly.

These are painted with my usual Vallejo Russian Green over a black primer. All over wash with black, then Russian green for highlights, etc. They are marked up to match the rest of my Shermans with the tank on the left with e commander peeping out ready to join the HQ. Like my previous posts, I'm still out of DullCoat, so the weathering powders will get sealed at a later date.

Crap picture, but it was 12-something in the morning on a work night.... At least they are done.

List for the tourney is as follows:

HQ - 1iC & 2iC Sherman V's (w/ .50cal MG's), +1 Sherman V
Armoured Platoon - 3x Shermans, 1x Firefly
Armoured Platoon - 3x Shermans, 1x Firefly
Lorried Rifle Platoon - Cmd, PIAT, 2" Mortar, 6x Rifle/MG teams
SP AT Platoon - 4x M10 17pdr Achilles
Armoured Car Platoon - 2x Staghound I, 1x Daimler Dingo
Royal Artillery - Cmd, Staff team, Observer, 4x 25-Pounders
Light AA Platoon - Cmd, 2x 40mm Bofors ack ack guns

- 1500 points on the nose, all Confident Trained rating.

Now I'm trying to decide if it'd be more fun to drop an infantry platoon and run an 8-gun 25-pounder battery (In which case I would need to paint up four more guns) or just stick with a 4-gun effort for smoke barrages and keep the infantry for objective camping?


  1. Nice work, amazing what can be achieved with a deadline! Nice list too. Personally, I'd keep it as is. Artillery can be a bit unreliable, but an infantry platoon will be highly versatile on attack or defence. Good luck for the tournament :-)

    1. Hrm, hadn't considered that it's Trained artillery. I think you're right, 4 guns it is. Thanks Paul.

  2. That looks fun, but terrifyingly squishy (despite my victories, I have no faith in my Britisharmour)!

    As for 25pdrs - one of the most iconic and ubiquitous guns of the last century - I utterly despair of their inadequacy in Flames of War, so will 4 more of them really prove much use?

    Nice models, by the way...

    1. Yeah, we get shot dead quick. But so does everyone else's non-heavy tanks in late war - AT everywhere is just so high, it makes most armour values above 3 pointless. I just need to use smoke in a more clever fashion.

      My stance on 25 pounders is similar. I will stick to 4 guns.