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06 October 2014

Zombtober 2014!

A day of misses.

Missed that my physio appointment today was cancelled and drove half way across town for nothing. >_<

Missed that this blog turned 3 on the 1st. Am rather impressed that it's still going and seemingly stronger than ever.

Missed the deadline for posting this by 20-odd hours, but a little late is better than not at all.

Regardless, it's here and it's my first piece for Zomtober 2014. 

First zombie is done. Bit of a test piece for the rest of my small band of merry rotters. Black hands and feet cos that's where blood drains too. Fluids leaking out of orifices above the shoulders cos my wife (Who works with the carcasses of the recently expired.) says is what happens and apparently far too frequently.
All my Zombies are a mix of parts from both the Zombie and Ghoul kits made by Mantic. Can't say I'm overly impressed with a majority of Mantic's stuff, but their Zombies are in my opinion the best fantasy zed-heads out there. The Ghouls just help add some variance to poses.
Painting was mostly just a base coat then washes galore. Simple and quick and dirty as ever, but effective I think for zombies. Just need to touch up his fingers as the black wasn't evenly applied at the ends.

No idea why this one came out so dark?

One down, seven to go!

Also managed to finish up one of the Relic Knights Kyojin Beserkers. Cruddy pics, though they hide a lot of the lazy painting I ended up doing to get this off my table. :) Still, I think he'll be more than good enough for gaming. I wanted to make his club look like it's carved from a bone of a large creature.

I'll get cracking on his team mate soon.

*I've also since added a couple of dried grass style tufts to make his base look a little more interesting. And he's also gotten a flat coat spray too.

*edit* Decided to take a couple extra pics with my wife's new phone which has a better camera.

Berserker and Mr Zed for scale. I think the club toting fellow has the upper hand, eh?

I think from here on I'll ditch the white backgrounds. Seems to bleach out detail horribly. This paint desk view is way better.


  1. Cool models. I like the different colours on the zombie.

    1. Thanks Cameron. Dead skin is blotchy as heck. My quick job is hopefully half good enough to show this.

  2. Yeah! Zombies should be green IMHO, and you nailed it. Plus, it's a great chance to go wild on the blood effects!

    1. ^_^
      Green and grey too imo. Dead flesh turns pretty dour.

  3. Nice! Two great looking models!

  4. Lots of love for mantic zombies, yours looks great.

  5. Fantastic! I am probably going to steal the black hands and feet idea...I knew that's what happens with dead bodies (I work in Fire/EMS) but for some reason didn't think of it when painting!

    1. Steal away mate! Was super simple and easy effect to apply.

  6. The oni is a badass model. You've done it a great deal of credit with your paint job. Well done.

    1. Agreed - Sodapop really did a good job with the sculpt. Thanks man.

  7. Ah yes...zombies.