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06 September 2014

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

My post for this week for the 6-month challenge.

I've been mostly putting stuff together and finishing the organising. Seems the Flames of War stuff needed the most attention, so here's what's left in my collection in a Bits'n'Pieces chart.

Once again, saving as a jpeg fuzzed up the letters, but it's clear enough to see what's on the list.
I started off by building the 3 Sherman tanks and priming them. Then I thought, hell why not prime those Cromwells too. Then I sprayed the Stuart V's (Forgot to take a pic of the Stuarts though.). I guess I was high on paint fumes as I went on to prime all but 20 or so of my random rpg minis.

All the outstanding pieces for my Flames of War germans arrived too so I've been getting those ready for priming too.

Prior to primer. These are the plastic models from the Open Fire boxed set. They were a pain in the arse to put together.

Shermans in top left primed. Primered. Whatever. German platoons in the forground - SS-Pak40 platoon, 1iC et al, SS-HMG platoon. Behind them are my 3rd Panzer ivH and a wee Marder iiiM self propelled anti-tank gun.

8 Cromwells and 2 Challengers all primed and ready for paint!
I've also got cracking on the Necromancer I'd showcased previously. He's a flippin brilliant sculpt, weasily and creepy as heck. Love it.

WIP - still need to lighten the skirt some, though not much as I want this model dark and dreary with grey-black skin and ebony eyes.
Lastly I was lucky enough to have a pal at Gen Con who purchased me some Noh Empire minis for Relic Knights. So now I have two factions to play. These are put together and just need some more love on their bases. But at least I can play them as they are (Hopefully tonight!). These Oni sculpts are pretty sweet!

More to come!


  1. Looking good. Those Shermans are a nightmare to assemble. The details are nice and pronounced for painting though. I'm looking forward to seeing you finish off some of the FoW models. Those Relic Knight models look nice too. Plastic models have come a long way!

    1. Yeah, I really enjoyed painting my current Shermans with their detail. These should prove to be as easy and quick too.

      The new Relic Knight plastics are a bit inconsistent throughout their line. At times amazing crisp quality, then others where faces are so soft in detail you can barely make out a nose.

  2. Strewth, mate: props for making a good start, eh?!

    1. Well, putting stuff together and spraying it black or grey is the easy part. Sitting down and giving it a proper job paint job is the part that takes a little more work.

  3. Way to bang out the first weeks contribution. You've definitely got some cool figs in the collection to play with.

    1. Thanks daveb, felt good to feel like I actually did something. Hope I can keep up the pace.

  4. Those shermans are appalling to put together. I saw a blog post somewhere detailing how to do it without leaving gaps.

    Well done on starting the challenge. As I said on Cameron's blog I'm tempted to jump on the bandwagon... Looking forward to seeing what you do with some of the Brit stuff!

    Good luck!

    1. Join us Jamie! Will help you get through your backlog and force you to not buy anything in the meantime! :)