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11 June 2013

We call this PROGRESS!

It's been a little time since I've left my mark around these parts. As some of you are aware, I've still been reading all of your blogs, just not been all that enthused about updating my own.

Saying that, I've not been idle.

I've been painting like a mad man for an upcoming Mid War tournament on the 22nd and gotten a few other things done too, as follows:

Completed my 3" mortar platoon. These things rock for smoke bombardment templates. 

Added antennas to all my Command Shermans and Universal Carriers.

Completed a 2nd Universal Carrier Patrol. (Yeah, I know, these are not the actual models. So I took some paperclip pieces for machine guns and cut down some infantry passengers and now they look close enough.)

 I painted up some 15cwt lorries and a jeep for my new artillery platoon. (See below)

I completed a 4-truck/gun 6pdr Portee platoon. (Jeep is on the way for the command team.) In the 1st picture in the background you will also see (kinda) the very nice and cheap Hurricane I'm taking for Air Support in my list.

Cleaned up and Primed 8 25pdr artillery guns, their resin bases and their 50-odd crew  (In the garage with primer drying.). I am not looking forward to painting these.

What's currently on the painting table - basing my 2nd infantry platoon, which should be finished  by the time I head to bed tonight.

Here's the family shot of what I've painted to date. Quite proud of myself to be honest - this is the most progress I've made on any miniatures project and the closest I've come to that mythical term "Fully Painted". 

Of course, if I'd stop buying new stuff (Like the below cleaned and put together Guards Armoured Recce boxed set.), I'd get there quicker.... *facepalm* (I also have an AOP Spotter Plane for my lots of Artillery and full 4-stand Land Mattress Rocket launcher artillery platoon sat primed and awaiting paint.)

My list that I've submitted for the tournament is:

British Guards Infantry Company (From North Africa Book)

1iC and 2iC
3 x Infantry Platoons of 6 teams + Command with a PIAT team each (Though no Light Mortar teams.)
2 x Universal Carrier patrols, each with extra Machine Guns
1 x 3" Mortar platoon with 4 teams + Command
1 x 6pdr Portee Platoon with 4 truck/guns + Command
1 x 25pdr Artillery Platoon with 8 guns + Spotters, Command and Staff teams
Limited Hurricane IIC Air Support

Total: 1675 points

I think this list should fair pretty well in Mid War. The lack of masses of overpowering Heavy Armour (Tigers, Panthers, etc - they are super expensive points-wise) in Mid War lists means I don't have to worry too much about having to take big Anti-tank guns (17pdrs) and should be able to make do with My 6pdr Portees and even direct fire from the Artillery and failing those, my Hurricane can pop tanks too. The 3 infantry platoons will be both a bugger to shove off of objectives and plentiful enough to be effective in assaults. Carriers will be there to help remove Gone to Ground from dug in infantry so my artillery can pound (And Pin) them and allow my mortars to drop smoke to cover my boys' advance. Still.... plenty to paint in the meantime. 11 days and counting......

 As a cheeky aside, I signed up to do a 5 Kilometer run this Sunday** (Father's Day over here in the States.). It's superhero themed and so all participants are supposed to wear "Superhero garb". I'm doing the run with my very good mate and seeing as we are middle aged white boys with beer guts, we felt that doing the run in Aquabats costumes to be wholly appropriate.

If you don't know who the Aquabats are; they're a rock band with a silly family friendly superhero theme that also have their own kids television program.

My mate went to their website and bought the helmets, goggles and shirts and I elected to try to make the belts (As they don't sell them... for some unknown reason). Here's my progress so far. Not bad considering they are made from cardboard, electrical tape, left over Velcro, paper and some el-cheapo grey vinyl. All I have left to add are the black squares to the sides and I'm done. All hail the Glue Gun Gods!

** To be honest I like a good laugh doing stupid stuff and looking a fool. Left over remnants from crazy drunk teens and twenties I suspect. I'm about as out of shape as a bloke can be - why I'm doing this and expecting much else than an asthma attack,  I don't know.


  1. Impressive stuff, always nice to see full army shots. Nice display cabinet too, was thinking of investing in something like that myself.

    And don't worry about the Bren Carriers - I looked at the pictures before reading the text and couldn't even tell :)

    Good look with the run!

    (Just as an aside - as I type this the captcha box is asking me to type 'Storm Tabernacle' to confirm I'm human - subliminal messaging there?)

  2. Really nice work, love the army shot too!


    -- How on Earth did captcha ever get a hold of my old prison name?

    In other news, these models are looking brilliant, mate - do you use your mid- and late-war stuff fairly interchangeably?

    Oh, and yeah: I have to say I quailed somewhat when I spied those 25pdrs - mine are coming along painfully slowly, made worse by the (otherwise very nice) sculpted bases...the models are just so damned fiddly!

  4. Storm Tabernacle will be my next band's name. Awesome.

    @ Col. - Cheers mate. Glad the carriers pass muster. Cabinet was a super good sale deal for a very nice piece of furniture - wish I'd bought two!

    @ Levitas - Appreciate the kind words sir.

    @ Drax - your prison days need to be documented with a nickname like that. ;) Yes, it seems that late war Brits aren't too different from Mid, equipment-wise - a sherman is a sherman and all that. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to starting those artillery - so many pieces....