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19 June 2013

Ada 1 (Part 1 - WIP)

After all the 15mm brown uniformed, green tank'd mass of painting of late, I felt I needed to take a break (Thus changing my list for Saturday's tournament, no way I'll get all those artillery painted before then.) and paint something completely different and refresh my hobby batteries.

This is Ada, from the Dreamforge Games Kickstarter from Autumn last year. She was a Kickstarter exclusive. The original comes with an un-helmeted head:

(Dwartist's excellent rendition from his blog. If you're not familiar with his stellar work, I advise you to take out an hour or three to browse through -

With this in mind, I felt it would be prudent to get two of the miniatures (Along with my box of 20 Stormtroopers.) so that I could have one with a lid and one without. I think the regular "male" helmet fits pretty well.

This is my WIP painting effort, the lighting for these pics is rather awful and I'll be sure to take my completed paint job pictures under better lighting conditions. Ada is supposed to be a sniper and so has what looks to be, some sort of long barreled heavy caliber or laser rifle for the job. One thing I felt was missing from this was a scope of some sort, but I just couldn't put one together that did the sculpt justice, or look streamlined enough for my mind. Hence why you'll see my helmet choice below - it has that eye piece that I imagined looked sci-fi enough to count as an in-helmet scope.

Anyway, on to the pics. I tried for a home made urban camouflage to affect her "sniper" status and felt that the yellow-orange lenses was a good contrast to this. The vents in the underside of the rifle are either going to get a red or light-blue effort and perhaps some lighting effect.


  1. Nice! I really dig how that turned out - with the helmet it definitely has a sinister vibe. Great work, man!

  2. Nice work. I'd be interested to see how that lighting comes out - never been brave enough to try it myself! All in all some good stuff, can't wait to see the finished model.

  3. Ooh very nice indeed, has a good Jin-Roh vibe... I second Scipio on the lighting effect front, thing that'll look smashing too.

  4. @ Mordian7th - Thankyou sir. I like the contrast thus far. Am hoping the finished product will impress as much.

    @ Col Scipio - I'm not very good at the lighting effects so I've to this date tried it only a handful of times, but I think it'll be okay on this model as it'll only be a small effect.

    @ Headologist - Yeah, Jin-Roh - the Wolf Brigade - One of my fav animes. Cheers mate.