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25 June 2013

Ada 1 (Part 2 - Finished)

Here she is and isn't she wonderful ladies and gentleman?

Ada is kitted out in the latest Eisenkern Tactical Combat Reactive Armour, with a home brewed D-52904 Urban Warfare Camouflage skin.

She also sports the experimental Kleig Industries Teilchen Emmiter Mk7, a long rifle suited to sniping duties. It's power output can punch a hole through the most stubborn Shadokesh armour and pin-point accuracy leave opposing forces leaderless with a single well placed shot.

Let's hear it for Ada 1!!!

I've never been very good at camouflage schemes, so this was my first try at something I felt was a little more realistic than the contemporary schemes for urban warfare. I started off with a medium grey, then brushed random stripes of a sand colour spiraling all up to the right. The sand colour got a thinner line of a light sand colour on it's upper edge, I then coated the whole mini in a black wash. Next I lightly sponged on white and then Dark blue-grey over the stripes to break it up and stuck another wash on top. A few highlights here and there and some definition to the recesses and this is how she turned out.

I ended up not going for an over the top glow effect on the gun. Seeing as she's a sniper and all, it didn't make sense that she'd be giving herself away with light effects, right? So a subtle green that I think looks rather cool.

Also, I wanted to add some grey weather powders to affect the concrete dust I imagined would be thrown up by her walking about a blasted urban environment, but then realised I forgot to purchase some when last I was at my LGS. D'oh! Something for later I guess. I'm currently putting together 3 fire teams of regular Eisenkern Stormtroopers to add to her platoon and am planning to put paint to a metal Kreigsmarine from Dreamforge Game's original Kickstarter that I think will act as this Ada's spotter.

In other news, the Mid-War Flames of War tournament was on Saturday. Three grueling rounds which left my poor carcass thoroughly knackered. But I had a fantastic time and had a real chance at placing had my dice not done their usual and betrayed me during my last game. (I was apparently tied for 3rd after the 2nd game...) I ended with  a win a draw and a loss - not bad, 10 points in total. Encouraging considering my rubbish performances in prior tournaments! :)

O and here's a little pic of me in my finished costume for the Father's Day Run which I somehow managed to complete in around 39 minutes. Not bad for a fat old drunk.


  1. Excellent costume, was it 10K ?

  2. @ Zzzzzz - Ha! No, I am far too unfit for that distance. Thanks sir.

  3. Fantastic work, mate! I love how that turned out!

  4. Nice costume man! :)

    Mini is really cool, I need to play around with weathering powders too. Nice work sir!

  5. Nice costume! Did you win?

    By the way, those shirts will apparently be £13.50 including shipping through the CoreHammer Big Cartel page to the US.

  6. @ Mord 7th - Cheers mate, am quite happy too. Hope I can do the same with the rest of them.

    @ Levitas - Thanks mate. I'll be stepping into the weathering powder realm soon as I see if I can do mud/dirt and soot on my Flames of War tanks.

    @ Tony - ha! No. The winner ran all 5K in 16 minutes or something. There were like 3000 runners and most lacked the beergut I had hoped would aid my head-long progress. That price isn't bad at all. I hope they'll have the shirt up for a bit so I can get one when I have a little cash available. Thanks mate.