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28 May 2012

Whispers from a Xenos heart

Frallitus Thorayne is of an unknown species, from a very far off part of the galaxy. It lives in the darkest recesses of society where not even the despicable Hrud feel safe. A Psyker of prodigious power, this xenos has otherworldly control over the minds of any beast or vermin within his locale, able to send them to attack any threats it feels might be in it's adopted territories.

Found time today to finish this little wonder of a fig. Illithids are my all time favourite D&D beasties and this has to be one of my favourite sculpts. I had to use it in my campaign. Now I just have to come up with a cool enough group of vermin creatures for it to control and kill off the player teams! :)


  1. Thanks chaps, always nice to shove out yet another of the pile and see said pile grow smaller with each completed effort.